4 Ways to Make Your Home Office Work (Even If It’s In a Closet)

With the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, many people were tasked with the unique challenge of finding a space in their home that they could make a home office. An organized and visually appealing work area can help you feel more productive – and relaxed. Here are 4 ways to make your home office work, even if it’s in your closet.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Office Work (Even If It’s In a Closet)

Commit To Your Space

Designing a specific area for work is a way to stay in your routine and get yourself in the mindset. If you’re choosing to work in the corner of your kitchen, clear the space, set up your computer and make sure your family members know that the kitchen corner is your designated work area. When you commit to one space it’s easier for you to get more work done since you’re not having to clear off a new space every time you need to sit down and work. Additionally, having a space where you’ve tested out nearby outlets, acoustics and lighting for calls will help you appear more professional on calls.


One of the tops ways to make your home office work is to completely declutter your workspace. This seems obvious, but that’s because it’s just that important. An organized space helps lead to an organized mind. Toss out any unwanted papers, trash, and knick-knacks you have in the way so you truly can lay out all you need for work. It’s best to make sure you have a clean space every morning before you begin to tackle your work.

Background Check

Since most of us are still working from home, video calls are inevitable. Think about what your colleagues are seeing behind you before you have a video call. Is there a pile of dirty dishes or laundry in view? Is the lighting extremely dark or bright where it’s distracting? Are the acoustics terrible where the call has an echo for all to hear? These are all things to be aware of and fix before your video calls.

To Do Lists

Creating a morning to do list can help you stay on track for the day. Whether you use simple sticky notes or beautiful pastel paper, it’s important that you write down your goals so you can be sure to keep yourself accountable and meet deadlines. Along with to do lists, make sure you let your family know the hours you need to work for the day. Having a simple “do not disturb” sign can keep unnecessary distractions from visiting you during work hours.

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