6 Ways to Make a Dark Room Feel Brighter

Once you move into a new home, you may discover that some rooms seem darker than you remember. Before you start planning to undergo renovations to install new windows, check out these 6 simple tricks to make any room feel brighter.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to double the sunlight in your dark room. When the sun hits the mirror, the reflection will add light to your room. Place a large mirror across from the largest window in the room and watch your room fill up with sun. If you are looking to brighten up a room with no window or a staircase, arrange a few smaller windows on the wall so the mirror can hit any type of light inside of the room. Mirrors will not only help the room feel brighter, but also larger.

Strategize your view

If you’re able to modify what’s outside of your window, this could help add more space on the outside of your room which will allow more light in. For example, if you have a few large trees placed right outside of your window, the leaves and branches could block sun from entering your room as well as create dark shadows. By keeping the branches regularly trimmed, you are keeping the space outside of your room open and allowing the opportunity for more sun to enter your room.

Clean your windows

Yes this seems like an obvious household duty, but keeping your windows clean can add to the amount of sun that pours into your room. The more dust, dirt, and specks on your window, the more the sun will have to fight through to peek into your window. Think about it this way, regularly cleaning your windows, is more efficient and cost effective than installing brand new windows.

Go with white or light paint

Opting for a white or neutral palette will help reflect light in your room. This isn’t the room to be trying your dark color palette. The darker the paint, the darker the entire room will feel, not to mention it will make your room feel smaller than it is. Additionally, painting the ceiling white will help reflect light in your darker room to make it feel brighter. White goes with any color, so your walls won’t clash with your ceiling.

Go with lighter curtains

There are plenty of window treatments that will make your room private without having to turn the room into a dark dungeon. Heavy curtains make the room feel dark when you want to lighten the room to make it feel brighter. Focus on the lighter curtain colors as well. A warm yellow or soft blue can help turn any room airier. You want your curtains to help spread light in your room while adding privacy.

Use shiny objects

Adding glass tables and shimmery décor will look nice and also reflect sun around your room. If you use heavy wood furniture, it can take up space without reflecting any light. Similar to the mirror phenomena, if you add metallic decor across from the largest window in the room, it’ll help spread the sunlight around the room. Plus, the see through effect of glass makes your room feel brighter and larger. In the summer, garage sales are a great place to find translucent decor.

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