6 Creative Ways to Repurpose an Old Dresser

We all have that one dresser that is very functional and has been in our lives for a while… it just doesn’t match the theme of our home. Maybe it’s chipping and becoming discolored. Maybe the handles are becoming loose. Whatever the issue, there is a reason you don’t want to get rid of it. Here are 6 creative ways to repurpose an old dresser.

Paint it

Simply painting your dresser will change the look immediately. Consider painting your dresser in an hombre of colors going from dark blue on the bottom to light blue on the top. This will help incorporate your blue theme, while also popping in the room. Or if you want to get real creative, move the dresser into the kid’s room and paint a decoration on it. A ladybug, a superhero, a princess, or a flower… your kids will think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Transform into a wine cabinet

Don’t want a large wine cabinet in your home? No problem. Instead of purchasing a cabinet that takes up an entire wall, take your dresser and transform it into a wine cabinet. Once you carve out the drawers, add a couple pieces of wood with wine bottle cut outs. Then add some rows of wood just wide enough to allow a glass to fit. Soon, you’ll have yourself a small delicate, and functional wine cabinet that hold your wine, wine glasses, and wine corks.

Add different storage

Merely taking out a single row of drawers and adding baskets instead can add functionality to your life. If one of your drawers has always been tough to open, or you’ve always though there are just too many rows, take one out! Now instead of overlooking the dresser on a daily basis, you can store kids toys in the baskets, craft supplies, or anything else you find useful for your everyday routine.

Turn into an entry bench

entry dresser

Since moving into your new home, you’re likely inspired by new pieces of furniture that you can see perfectly complementing your rooms. The only problem is, what are you going to do with your old furniture? Transforming furniture into a different type of furniture is a great way to keep your beloved dresser… it’ll just might be an entry bench instead.  Carve out one of the sides of your dresser and add a seat cushion. Then take out the bottom section of drawers and you’ve just added a spot for shoes. Your old dresser just became the topic of discussion for your guests.

Change the hardware

If the theme of your last home was rustic farmhouse, and you decided to change your house theme to contemporary, a simple change of hardware can make your dresser fit in again. If you had industrial hardware, unscrew it and insert hardware that screams contemporary. This could mean that you replace double handles on both sides of each drawer, to one simple long handle in the middle. You’ll be surprised at what such a little change can do for a room.

Turn it into a makeup vanity

makeup dresser

Horizontal dressers are just about the right size to sit down and apply makeup. So make it a reality! Carve out the middle section of the dresser, paint it to match your bedroom (or paint it a vibrant color to pop), and add a backlit mirror. The great thing is, the dresser already has drawers, so you can stow away your makeup, hairbrushes, lotions, and hair products. Go to a second hand store and pick up a stool that complements your dresser and there you have it, a vanity! The dresser you just couldn’t live without just turned into the vanity you just couldn’t like without.