10 Must-Have Accessories Add Color in an All-White Kitchen

10 Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your All-White Kitchen

Having an all-white kitchen is like having a fresh canvas, giving you the ultimate in flexibility as you accessorize with a limitless number of colors. Here’s some inspiration to help you get started.

#1. and #2. DIY Kitchen Accents for an All-White Kitchen

Source: HGTV.com, 5 Bright Kitchen DIYs

10 Must-Have Accessories Add Color in an All-White KitchenPainted Spoons Art – a low-cost DIY kitchen art project that you can do yourself or even get the kids involved. Simple wooden spoons can be painted in any number of colors as can the canvas background and frame. If you want to keep the sleek going in your all-white kitchen, you can also opt for a white or stainless frame and white-painted spoons too.

Color-Blocked Canisters – Another great DIY project for your all-white kitchen since canisters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You could even do this project with canisters found in thrift shops or vintage stores for the ultimate in repurposed working pieces of art.

#3. KitchenAid Mixer Appliance

A KitchenAid Mixer is a must-have for every cook’s kitchen. Whether you want it in white, gray, or stainless to keep the sleek clean look of your all-white kitchen or you’re looking for a pop of color, this time-saving, labor-saving, sanity-saving kitchen appliance will not disappoint. It comes in every shade of the rainbow, and then some, from vintage aqua sky and pink recalling colors of the 50s and 60s to jewel tones that compliment Fiesta dinnerware, cranberry, lime, green apple, lavender, lemon yellow – we’re pretty sure there’s not a color you can want this to come in that the good people at KitchenAid haven’t already thought of.

#4. Bright Dinnerware on Open Shelving

Using fiesta ware to brighten up an all-white kitchenAll-white kitchens are on trend right now, as is open shelving. You see it all the time in popular home remodel shows like House Hunters Renovation and Property Brothers. Open shelving gives you a great opportunity for adding color (or not) to your kitchen, such as opting for Fiesta dinnerware and storing some of its key pieces right in plain site. As a bonus, here are HGTV’s instructions for DIY open shelving.

Source: HGTV, 47 White Kitchens

#5. Colorful Kitchen Stools to Support Your Color Scheme

Who doesn’t love a big kitchen island? After all, it’s the heart of the home from family breakfasts to late night snacks, entertaining friends and loved ones, or doing homework. In your all-white kitchen, you can add a pop of color and style with kitchen stools, which come in nearly any color and style you can imagine, whether you’re going for sleek, modern, and sophisticated, vintage, rustic, retro, or any other look you’re after.

Source: HGTV, 47 White Kitchens and HGTV, Kitchen Island Bar Stool Ideas

#6. Lighting

You can keep your kitchen white and bright for a clean, visual but still add amazing color in light fixtures that become artwork – and the visual focal point of your kitchen. And like many of the other items we’ve chosen in this list of ideas for adding amazing color to a kitchen that might otherwise feel a bit sterile and monochromatic, lighting comes in nearly every style so it can help you achieve the feel you’re going for whether that is farmhouse, vintage, contemporary or modern-glam.

Source: HGTV, 47 White Kitchens and HouseBeautiful,com 50 Kitchen Light Fixtures that Make an Impact

#7: Add a Splash of Color to the Backsplash

Using colorful backsplash to add color to all-white kitchensA backsplash is a natural place to add color to your kitchen. The ones we’re showing here are in timeless colors that also happen to be included in the Pantone© 2017 Spring Trend Color palette, making them an especially great choice for those buying new homes with white kitchens or remodeling to transform their space.

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#8. Reclaimed Accents

Thanks to any number of popular TV shows like Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, and others, reclaimed wood everything is extremely hot with home buyers right now. From barn doors that slide open to reveal pantry spaces and entry ways to accent walls or kitchen island surrounds, it’s a charming way to marry the modern, sleek feel of an all-white kitchen to the rustic-chic for a comfortable feel.

Source: HGTV 47 White Kitchens and Decoist.com, Kitchen Pantry Barn Doors

#9. Flooring 

We often think of rooms having just four walls; however, they really have six. Ceilings and flooring choices provide another great opportunity to move the focal point to exactly what you want guests to see. In an all-white kitchen, colorful flooring makes a huge impact and grounds a palette that might otherwise feel like it’s floating.

Source: HGTV, 47 White Kitchens

Bonus: HGTV, Painting Kitchen Ceilings

#10. Window Treatments, Fruit and Florals

Accents and accessories add a pop of color to white kitchensWhile ceilings and floors make big color statements, those might be too big for some. You can add smaller pops of color to your white kitchen with simple window treatments and strategically chosen and placed bowls of fruit or colorful florals and plants.

Source: HGTV, 47 White Kitchens