How to make your new home yours!

The journey of purchasing a new construction home is thrilling and gratifying. The opportunity to personalize and transform your living space from a blank slate to suit your unique tastes and lifestyle is extremely rewarding. At Soundbuilt Homes, the possibilities are endless.  Whether you’re drawn to a classic or contemporary aesthetic, our team of designers…

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5 New Home Musts for Multi-Generational Living

Multi-generational family enjoying their outdoor living space in a Soundbuilt new construction home

Multi-generational living is a wonderful way to bring families closer together and has grown in popularity in recent years. Having multiple generations living under one roof means stronger family bonds and allows families to rely on each other for support, care, and companionship. Multi-generational living allows grandparents, parents, and children to spend quality time together…

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Remodel or Upgrade?

A couple sitting on the couch, discussing whether they should remodel or upgrade to a new Soundbuilt home instead.

Dreaming of creating a more stylish and functional space? You’re not alone! Homeowners often wonder whether to take on a full-scale remodel or upgrade to a new home. Your home is one of your greatest assets, and making the right decision can save you money and time and bring you peace of mind. Whether you…

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What are inventory shortages, and how will they affect 2023 home prices?

Home inventory shortage neighborhood

An inventory shortage occurs when the demand for goods or services exceeds the available supply. Low housing inventory has, at some level, remained an issue since the 2008 housing crash. With fewer houses on the market than buyers, the inevitable result is an increase in real estate prices that could have long-term economic implications. Today…

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End of the Year Super Savings with Soundbuilt

Exterior image of a Soundbuilt quick delivery home with a cartoon “wow” in the top right corner.

Although the year is coming to a close, there’s still a chance for you to secure a new home with a comfortable monthly payment! We know that rising inflation and mortgage rates make it impossible to buy a new home. But don’t despair! We can help you lock in a favorable rate with our Price…

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Prep Your Home For Summer Time

Summer time is just around the corner. Even for us Puget Sound, Western Washington dwellers, prepping your home for the upcoming heat is one of the keys to an enjoyable summer season. Check out these tips and tricks on how to prep your home for summer time. Prep Your Home For Summer Time There’s a…

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Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Brighten up your home during National Decorating Month in April! A fresh coat of paint, stylish fabrics, and bright light fixtures give a tired space a fresh look and can make something old look new again. Now that your home is clean, tidy, and clutter-free (thanks spring cleaning!) it’s time to give your home a…

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Steps to Buying a Home in Western Washington in 2021

With the new year, comes new year’s resolutions. On the personal side you might want to maintain a healthier diet this year, on the business side, you might want to work toward that promotion at work. But what about home buying goals? If becoming a home owner this year is one of your resolutions, follow…

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20 DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Leave up Until December

DIY Halloween decorating ideas that you can leave up through Thanksgiving, taking you right up to the Christmas holiday decorating season. Leave all these 20 DIY Halloween decorations up until you’re ready to decorate for the holidays. Some people love changing up their home’s seasonal décor, others would like to play along but the idea…

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5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time to start decorating your home. Here are 5 easy ways to dress up your porch for Halloween. Halloween Lights Orange lights really liven up your home, especially when kids are coming up to your home for trick or treating. Take a trip to the Dollar Store and…

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