Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

Our pets are a very important part of our family, so how do we cultivate a home that’s pet friendly while keeping it stylish? From choosing designated feeding stations to storing toys in decorative baskets, here are 5 ways to create the purr-fect pet-friendly home.

Designate Feeding Stations

One of the most important ways to create a pet-friendly home is to set designated feeding stations. Picking a spot in your home that is not a high traffic area, but within reach is an ideal spot for your pet’s food and water bowls. Make sure to store food appropriately to prevent spoiling or unwanted bugs in your home. The laundry room, mudroom area, or private bathroom may be areas of the home that are easily accessible but not typically visible to guests.

Conceal Toys

Let’s face it, we love our pets but we don’t want our home to necessarily scream “crazy dog/cat person.” A good way to keep common areas tidy is to store the toys in decorative baskets. Again, these baskets should be easily accessible, but the pet items are not as noticeable. If you have a cat, consider placing the litter box in a rarely used closet so the scent doesn’t travel through the home.

Sweep and Lint Roll Often

If you have a pet that sheds, you know the struggle to keep hair off of your furniture and floors. The truth is that it requires diligent sweeping (multiple times a week during shed season), and lint rolling to keep the pet hair at bay. By storing lint rollers throughout the home that are easily accessible by you and your guests, you can create a pet-friendly home that doesn’t turn away your guests. Another common practice is for pet owners to use a Roomba or a similar vacuuming device. This way they are able to set the Roomba to vacuum the floors without having to manually sweep so often.

Treat Stains As They Happen

Cleaning stains immediately can keep your home feeling fresh. If your pet has an accident on the carpet, it’s best to clean it right away. You don’t want your guests to step in or smell an unwanted surprise from your pet. If you have a new pet that is accident prone, it’s wise to invest in a portable carpet cleaner for quick spot treatments.

Considering Upgrading Parts of Your Home

More and more pet owners are upgrading parts of their home to make it pet-friendly. Installing doggie doors, building fences around back yards, and installing laminate floors are common examples of how home owners are renovating their homes to be more pet-friendly.

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