7 DIY Easter Decorating and Celebration Ideas

Every year millions of people around the world celebrate the Easter holiday; some for religious reasons, others who opt to take part in the secular traditions. Many US kids will look forward to a visit and gift from the ever-elusive Easter Bunny (usually in the form of an Easter basket), dress up in Easter dresses and suits, decorate hard boiled eggs, participate in Easter Egg Hunts, enjoy Easter chocolates and candy and generally celebrate the arrival of Spring.

DIY Easter decorating ideas

Fun Facts About Easter – Elizabeth Kraus – marketingdesks.com

Thanks to the good folks at statisticbrain.com, we know that consumers will spend $14.6 billion on Easter including $2.1 billion just on Easter candy.  To satisfy that demand, candy makers will make 120 pounds of Easter candy including 16 billion jelly beans and 90 million chocolate bunnies.  Incidentally, 76% of Americans believe that you should eat the chocolate bunny ears first.

Now that you know all that, we thought of 7 Ways to Celebrate Easter that will make your holiday more special this year: 

1.  Repurpose some of that Easter candy!  Often made in the colors of spring itself, Easter candies can be turned into DIY Easter decorations like garlands, topiaries, wreaths and much more.

DIY Easter decoration ideas
2.  Turn Easter candy into – well – more Easter candy.  White chocolate and white baking squares can be melted down and topped with colorful Easter candies or you can use food coloring to dye even your white baking squares into your favorite Easter colors.  DIY Easter candy bark would be a great gift idea of Easter treat to take to the office.Home decorating ideas for Easter
3. Easter egg decorating remains a favorite Easter activity.  From glitter to glam or simple to sophisticated, Easter egg decorating brings out the inner artist in everyone.

DIY Easter decorating ideas
4.  DIY Easter decorating ideas for the home.  We loved this DIY Easter wreath made from an old frame, which was painted and adorned with a bow in Easter colors, lined with grass and then topped with lightweight plastic Easter eggs in pastel colors.  It would look great on your new Soundbuilt Homes front door or hanging above your gas fireplace mantle. DIY Easter wreath for decorating
5.  DIY Easter gift and decorating ideas for home or office.  Anyone could make this mason jar Easter candy container which would be great as a table decoration, place card for Easter dinner beside each place setting, atop the fireplace mantle or elsewhere in your home.  It would also make a perfect Easter gift for co-workers, clergy, teachers or coaches. DIY Easter decorating gift ideas
6.  DIY Easter basket ideas.  Pinterest simply abounds with DIY Easter basket ideas. We loved this one for its simplicity.  It has a great home spun look but still looks elegant too. Plus, you could scale this up for table centerpiece or scale it down for a personal gift to place beside each table setting.  It would also make a great decoration for your desk at work to invite co-workers to enjoy some Easter candy while they pass by your desk. DIY Easter decorating ideas
7.  Last but certainly not least, you can use hard-boiled or plastic Easter eggs to make a super-easy, super-fast, super-chic Easter centerpiece.  This one features stacked cake plates but any ol’ tiered serving piece will do.  Surround your eggs with a craft-store or even home made nest and voila!  Instant DIY Easter decoration!

DIY easter centerpiece decorationBONUS:  9 of our favorite DIY Easter centerpieces as found on Pinterest:

DIY Easter centerpieces and decorating ideas