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Caliber Home Loans Dawn James, Sales Manager

Dawn James, Sales Manager
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***Pricing is calculated considering a 2-1 buydown for the first year using VA financing, assuming a zero-down payment and a home price of $550,000 with a 740 credit score. Please note that the actual interest rate may differ due to market conditions, credit score variations, and financing type. Additional terms and conditions may also apply.

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What is a Buydown? 

A buydown allows a borrower to obtain a lower interest rate, for a period of time, by prepaying some of the interest on the loan. Typically, the builder or seller of the property provides a lump sum concession (prepaid interest) that is held in a custodial escrow account and applied each month to the borrower’s subsidized payment. The borrower may pay all or a portion of the buydown amount as well.


Loan Amount: $100,000

Buydown Type: 2/1

Interest Rate: 5%

P&I Payment: $537

This illustration is based on “Year 1” in the previous example.
Information provided by Caliber Home Loans.

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