Beyond Finances – 4 Key Home Buying Considerations

If you are wondering whether now is the right time to buy a new home, you’re not alone! There’s a lot to consider any time you are making a major purchase – like choosing from among new homes in Pierce, King or Thurston counties – and never more so than at present, given the last few years of upheaval in the housing market.

We asked Peter and Dawn James of The James’ Group, mortgage specialists with OnQ Financial, and one of Soundbuilt Homes’ preferred lenders, to tell us about common first time home buyer concerns, here’s what they said.

4 Key Home Buying Considerations

Deciding to buy a home – and then choosing what type of home to buy and where – are not simply financial determinations, like picking a mutual fund to invest in. Home buying decisions can be heavily influenced by values, priorities and concerns that aren’t primarily about money.

Here are four home buying considerations beyond the financial arena that can enter into a decision.

1. Family

There’s no question that owning your home gives children a sense of stability about home, school and the wider community they live in. Family legacy can also be a consideration. Many people eventually own their home free and clear, giving them the option of passing it on to their children. Parents even buy homes as gifts for children.

2. Comfort

Owning your own home lets you customize your comfort to your own personal preferences. You can pick a location based on the noise level and on how close you like to be to your neighbors. Comfort concerns often drive people to buy rather than rent, since it’s often hard to find rental homes that are large enough or in the right area.

3. Control

Owning a home gives you control over your future. You have the certainty of knowing what your housing costs are going to be for a very long period of time. Additionally, ownership gives you the power to stay put for as long as you want without having your plans change suddenly because your landlord decides to move in or sell the place.

4. Career

For many people, heavily weighted among home buying considerations is a home’s location in relation to their work. With the rise in telecommuting, more people today also need a home that will accommodate a well-organized office.

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P.S. There are more and more reports that say the housing market appears to be turning around in many places. Mortgage rates remain near record lows and home prices are very affordable. So this could be a great time to upsize, downsize or refinance. Feel free to call or email us now to discuss your situation or apply online.


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