Get Off The Fence

Do rising rates have you on the fence about buying a new home?

We Understand that Mortgage rates have recently soared.

It’s not too late..

Soundbuilt is offering new competitive prices and rate buydown incentives to make homeownership attainable again.

So What Do You Say, Let’s Get Off the Fence Together – Shall we?

With Soundbuilt’s exclusive promotions, you’re able to secure a comfortable monthly payment!

$15k Your Way

That’s right, when you buy a Soundbuilt home and finance through one of our preferred lenders, you get $15k to Spend your way!  That’s right; you’re in control - Use the $15k towards your choice of upgrades and options, closing costs, or buy down your rate.

*With the use of our preferred lenders only. Rates may vary depending on FICO score and loan program.*


Roll back your rate!!!

When you use your $15k to buy down your rate, you can enjoy rates as low as 4.75%

Thats 2% lower than the current rate.

Even better? If rates go down prior to the close, you have a 1-time float down to a lower rate and you’ll get to keep the difference towards the principle of your loan. Yes. That means you’ll get to keep your $15,000 and enjoy your lower rate.

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Understanding The Many Different Loan Programs

• Traditional 30 year fixed Mortgages

As the name suggests, this type of mortgage is paid off over 30 years, and the interest rate never changes unless you refinance, of course. This is the most popular type of mortgage.

• Understanding FHA Loans

An FHA loan is a government-backed mortgage loan that can allow you to buy a home with looser financial requirements. You may qualify for an FHA loan if you have debt or a lower credit score.

• What about VA Loans?

Also backed by the government, VA loans benefit active-duty and veteran military service members and spouses. These loans require $0 down.

• What is an adjustable rate?

ARM yourself with an adjustable-rate mortgage. An ARM is a home loan that allows the interest rate to adjust over time. This means you can lock in your starting interest rate for a period of time, and in the case of the 5/1 ARM, that period is five years.

With a 5/1 ARM, the 5 in 5/1 means your mortgage rate stays fixed for five years. After that, the interest rate adjusts once yearly based on the index stated in the loan agreement.

Competitive pricing plus rolling back rates you get: affordable monthly payments making homeownership possible