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Financing a New Home – Mortgage Calculator

One of the first and most determining factors in buying a new home is deciding on a budget. Pre-qualifying for a mortgage with one of our preferred lenders can tell you the amount of financing you may be able to obtain. If you’re not quite ready to speak with a mortgage lender, use the mortgage calculator below to estimate the amount your monthly payment might be, depending on the price of your new home, interest rate and down payment.

In addition to your monthly or bi-weekly loan payment amount, you payment may also be impacted by the cost of homeowners insurance and property taxes. Pre-qualifying for a new home mortgage eliminates the guess work, so you can focus your home search on those properties that fit your desired budget.

We encourage you to pre-qualify for a mortgage with one of our preferred lenders. This can give you buying power when you make an offer, and give you an advantage in a multiple offer situation. In addition, our preferred lenders have the ability to maximize discounts and special offers, since they know our program well.

If you’re already working with another lender, that’s ok — we work with many different mortgage lenders on a daily basis. Even if you are already working with another mortgage loan company, we encourage you to touch base with one of our preferred lenders so you can be sure you have the new home financing program that’s right for you.

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