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Whether you're buying or selling a home, our goal at Soundbuilt Homes is to make your journey as smooth as possible. Therefore, we've included some common topics and questions from many buyers and sellers. Enjoy, and have an amazing day!

Understanding Real Estate Abbreviations to Get the Most Home for Your Money

Apr 4, 2016

RE Abbv. (Real Estate Abbreviations) Impact the Home Buying Process It’s not news that the internet has forever changed some industries, enabling members of the general public to do many things they previously had to contact agents or call centers to do, such as booking travel, ordering from catalogs – or buying new homes!  Like…

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7 DIY Easter Decorating and Celebration Ideas

Mar 3, 2016

Every year millions of people around the world celebrate the Easter holiday; some for religious reasons, others who opt to take part in the secular traditions. Many US kids will look forward to a visit and gift from the ever-elusive Easter Bunny (usually in the form of an Easter basket), dress up in Easter dresses…

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bonney Lake WA

Feb 15, 2016

The cities that make up the “Seattle-Tacoma” area are interesting,  diverse and delightful in their own special way.  As one of the most active new home builders in Bonney Lake, here at Soundbuilt Homes we thought that you might be as interested as we were to find out a little bit more about “The Bonney…

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More Than Meets the Eye: The Benefits of Home Ownership

Feb 4, 2016

NAR Study Shows Wide Variety of Benefits of Home Ownership Because with recovery of the housing industry as well as low inventories of existing and new homes for sale in the Puget Sound area, some financial experts predict that home prices can reasonably be expected to rise this year. But this isn’t the only reason now…

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10 Easy Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills

Feb 3, 2016

A recent NAHB survey* shows that home owners want to save money on their utility bills.  So Puyallup home builder Soundbuilt Homes compiled these 10 easy ways home owners can reduce their utility expenses, keep more money in their pockets, conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.  Several of our staff recently attended the NAHB…

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7 Days, 7 Ways to Decorate Your New Home for Valentines Day

Feb 1, 2016

Inspiration to Decorate Your New Home: 7 Valentines Day Decorating Ideas Candy hearts, sweet sentiments and sappy cards aside, you may be looking for some more creative ways to celebrate and decorate your new home for Valentines Day this year. And if you’ve recently purchased a new Soundbuilt’ home, these ideas will gives you even…

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Top 10 Superstitions for New Home Buyers and New Home Owners

Jan 25, 2016

Have you ever spilled salt then quickly tossed a pinch-full of salt over your shoulder? Have you ever gone out of your way to avoid walking under a ladder?  Have you ever picked up a penny found on the sidewalk? When it comes to good luck, most of us want all of the good luck…

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Do Warm Colors Really Advance – and Cool Colors Recede?

Nov 5, 2015

When it comes to colors, like paint colors you might want to use on interior walls, you may have heard someone advise that warm colors advance (or seem to come toward the eye) and cool colors recede. (or seem to go away from the eye). Find out whether or not this is true, and how you can…

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Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Decorating, Tablescapes, Place Setting and Dessert Ideas

Oct 4, 2015

Here at Soundbuilt Homes we are incredibly thankful to have been connecting new home buyers in the Puget Sound region with the new homes of their dreams for 35 years!  We thought that you might be looking for a few tasty Thanksgiving dessert ideas or some decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving table or mantelpiece, and we…

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Top 10 Labor Day Holiday Activity Ideas

Aug 26, 2015

Here in the Pacific NW summers sometimes get off to a slow start, but eventually they kick in, usually leaving us with gorgeous weather during August and into September. While Labor Day might not have a lot of inherent activities of it’s own, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take full advantage and celebrate the…

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