The Benefits of Quick Delivery Homes

You’ve decided to move – the only problem? You need a new home…fast! That’s when a quick-delivery home (QDH) might be perfect for you. As the name implies, a quick delivery home gives the homebuyer all the benefits of a new construction home without the wait. You may also hear these homes referred to as move-in ready. As both names imply, quick-delivery homes are custom homes near completion that are ideal for people who need a high-quality home in a hurry!

How Do Quick-Delivery Homes Work?

Although these homes can be ready for you quickly, that certainly does not mean they were swiftly constructed. Instead, our team built these homes before a specific homebuyer signed a purchase agreement. Since these homes are further along in the construction process, this means you’ll be able to enjoy the outstanding quality of our homes without a long wait!

Brand-New Home on a Faster Timeline

If you need a move-in date ASAP, consider a quick-delivery home! One of the biggest hurdles in new home construction is the uncertainty of build times. Typically a newly-constructed home can take months to be completed. With a quick-delivery home, you could enjoy all those new amenities without waiting for the whole construction process to be completed.

Less Chance of Interest Rate Fluctuation

As interest rates continue to fluctuate, knowing your interest rate will be highly desirable. Since you can close sooner on a quick-delivery home, the chances of your mortgage rate fluctuating are reduced. This means you can skip worrying about unpredictable interest rates and consider how you want to settle into your brand-new home!

Interested in Buying a Quick-Delivery Home?

Life can change quickly and unexpectedly. Luckily, if you need a new home ASAP, we have many incredible quick-delivery homes for you to consider! If you’re ready to move to the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington, check out our hot homes & hot deals. We look forward to helping you find your new dream home!

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