Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Brighten up your home during National Decorating Month in April! A fresh coat of paint, stylish fabrics, and bright light fixtures give a tired space a fresh look and can make something old look new again. Now that your home is clean, tidy, and clutter-free (thanks spring cleaning!) it’s time to give your home a spring makeover. Here are 4 spring home decorating ideas.

Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Pastel Hues

The great thing about pastel hues is that they are appropriate for summer as well as spring. Replace your dark, winter-appropriate accessories with Easter-ready pastels. Robin’s egg blue, soft blush pink, and lemon yellow are all common go-to’s for spring hues. Throw pillows, lamp shades, area rugs, and flowers are all good accessories to start with.

Plant Décor

Studies have shown that plants boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. So, if you don’t already have plants in your home, this spring is a great time to add them! Nothing says welcome more than a beautiful hanging plant at your front entrance. Additionally, planting potted plants on various corners of your home’s room can add to the fresh ambience of the area. Bathroom shelves, kitchen counters, and console tables are common places to set up plants. Not only can you increase the number of living plants in your home, but you can also give another nod to greenery with fresh new plant wall décor.

Earthy and Organic

Organic and earthy materials such as raw wood and wicker furniture is very popular for spring. A home with natural elements tends to make you feel more relaxed and connected to your own environment. A way to channel the earthy feel is to remove the rug under the dining table. Rugs are great, but do we really need them under our table? Not if you have kids, that’s for sure! Stick with a natural palette and choose your décor and furniture based on that palette. It’s important to note that even if you choose a raw wood theme, it’s ok to have burst of colors (such as green) in your home!

Revamp Your Outdoor Living

Revamping outdoor living areas is one of the most common spring home decorating ideas. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to throw your focus into your outdoor living space, the spring is the perfect time to do so! Getting your space prettied up for summer is the ideal time. Adding colorful throw pillows to your outdoor sectional, installing garden fountains, and expanding your deck are all common ways to revamp your outdoor living space. Additionally, hanging party lights around your outdoor living space is sure to comfy up your back patio!

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