Virtual Home Buying in 2020

2020 will always be known as a peculiar year, as COVID-19 and the virtual lifestyle became the way of life. But going virtual as a home buyer has its advantages. From convenience to closing timeframe, virtual home buying is an appealing option for many home buyers that’s sure to stick around for years to come.

Benefits of Virtual Home Buying


Forget about having to request PTO from work or taking time out of your precious weekend to tour a home. Not to mention, having to align with both your realtor’s and the home owner’s schedule. With virtual home buying, many homes have virtual tours where you can tour the home from the convenience of your own couch. It also allows you to share the home tour with other family members, allowing them to be a part of your home buying journey without taking a bunch of time out of their day as well. Additionally, you’re able to tour as many times as you’d like, eliminating the need to drive to your desired home over and over again, just to revisit the house and answer any question that may come up.

Designing Your Home

With virtual home buying, home sellers, or in our case, home builders are able to send you design schemes through email where you can choose your cabinets, backsplash, hardwood, counters, tile, carpet, and other finishes online. This helps you envision what your home will look like without having to plan an in person appointment. By designing your home virtually, you’re eliminating the need to drive out to a site (which may or may not be convenient to you) and spend a good chunk of your day at the center.


Traditionally, signing closing documents for a home is known for taking multiple hours, and often times is requested to be completed in a title office. With virtual signing, you’re able to sign your papers from anywhere, eliminating the need to visit an office which you may or may not be comfortable with due to COVID-19.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to virtual home buying is that a lot of times you’re able to get through the home buying process faster than if you were to stop and meet at every milestone along the way. Faster closings tend to lead to smoother transactions, which is appreciated by both the home buyer and the seller.

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