7 Wacky Weird and Wonderful Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of present to buy for your father. While your gift completely depends on the relationship between you and your father, sometimes people get stumped when thinking about what to buy. Take a look at these 7 wacky, weird, and wonderful gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day.

Sports Related Items

Are sports a big part of your father’s life? Is your dad the biggest Seahawks/Mariners/Sounders fan around? Buying something that he associates with his hobbies is a great way to feed into his personal interests. While buying him his 5th jersey isn’t exactly unique, let’s think about other hobbies you can mix sports into. For example, if your dad likes to grill, think about getting him a sports related grill cover or grilling utensils. If your father likes to cook, a fun sports glass or serving platter would be appreciated and highly used. Mixing two of your dad’s interests into one gift, will have him thinking you put a lot of thought into your gift.

An excursion

This excursion could either be for your parents alone or it can be a whole family affair. Groupon has a bunch of deals on family friendly activities. If your dad loves the ocean but never seems to have time to take a trip down to the coast, check the family calendar, look for deals on Groupon and book it! If you don’t have luck on Groupon, there are often Airbnb’s available near the coast. Your father will really enjoy this gift, as it’s a chance for him to do something he’s wanted to do with the people he care’s about.

A signed something or other

This one is hard to squeeze, but would be highly appreciated by your dad if you can pull it off. If your dad loves a certain author, check if the author is doing a signing tour and make it a priority to go and get a book signed. If the author is not touring, buy him a book he has not read by this author. If your dad loves baseball, see if you can sneak in early to a baseball game to get a ball signed by one of the players. If you are able to get something signed for him, guaranteed the gift is going into his “prized possession” box.


Chances are, your dad leads the charge in a majority of the handyman type projects around the house. Having the right tool for a project makes the job more efficient, faster, and saves your dad energy so he can use the saved energy toward another project. Consider purchasing a nice specific tool he’s been wanting, or buy an entire tool set if he is without one. Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot have Father’s Day sales where these tools and tool sets are deeply discounted for Father’s Day.

Something on the comedic side

If you and your dad have a joking and light hearted relationship, check out some gifts that are on the not so serious side. T-shirts with sayings like “World’s Best Farter”, “Papa Bear”, and “If you are reading this, please give me a beer” will have him laughing when he opens your gift. He may or may not wear this T-shirt in public, but he will appreciate the humor and thought that went into buying a lighter gift.


No shame in buying your dad his favorite food… in bulk! If you dad loves Butterfingers, buy a ton and pair with a nice heartfelt card. This gift is practical and he will definitely use it. If he likes brownies, make a batch of brownies and write happy Father’s Day on the top so it’s personalized. Chances are he will be happy that you know what his favorite food is, and decided to shower him with it on Father’s Day.

That thing he’s been hinting at

Commercials on TV range from lawn mowers, nose hair trimmers, electric bottle openers and so much more. If there is something on TV where you dad makes a comment about having that item, consider purchasing it for Father’s Day. He may want it because it’s on TV, or he may actually really want it. Either way, he’ll know you were listening and paying attention to him when he left subtle hints.

Whatever you choose to buy your father, he will appreciate it. Think about the special connection you have with your dad and try to tailor your gift in that direction.

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