10 Outstanding Wallpaper Feature Walls Offer Home Decorating Inspiration

Today’s homeowners are using wallpaper feature walls to create statement, signature art pieces throughout their homes; here are ten outstanding wallpaper feature walls for inspiration.

10 Wallpaper Feature Walls that Really Make a Statement

Fit for a King: Bold, rich, metallic, masculine, and modern, this master bedroom’s wallpaper feature wall is further enhanced by ambient up-lighting, creating an atmosphere you’d only find in luxury hotels. It’s geometric is reflected back in the neutral area rug for a cohesive look, anchored by dark, solid-colored bedding.

Bedroom decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Cool and Casual: Our second look shows off modern in a far more casual way. This wallpaper mural evokes the idea of a distressed concrete wall. Cool blues ranging from mid to dark tones and a tie-dyed bedspread make this look right for the coziest of master suites or the perfect beachy vacation guest room.

Bedroom decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Up-Scale: Distressed, grunge wallpaper feature walls aren’t just for casual settings. In our next example, cool-toned grays on a wallpaper mural on a tall feature wall turn into art underneath spotlights above. It offers the perfect balance to the low-profile spindle leg chairs and antique tea crate, and seems to extend onto the 5th wall in the area rug below. This look would be perfect for a foyer or home office space.

Foyer decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Heaven Sent: If your taste in wallpaper feature walls with murals tends away from the abstract, you might love this heavenly mural. Juxtaposed against a grunge background reminiscent of a downtown loft, it’s evident that this homeowner sleeps in heavenly peace every night and wakes to the promise of a bright new day.

Bedroom decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

All About Ombre: Our next example is a little bit grunge but a lot ombre. It’s tones work from light to dark and offer the perfect backdrop for this Moroccan-esque casual dining space. The silvery metallic light fixtures jump off the palette of the rich blue wallpaper feature wall, creating the perfect tie in for the formal and casual furnishings in this space.

Dining room decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Watercolor Artistry: This watercolor mural takes the idea of turning wallpaper feature walls to its most literal conclusion. It’s large scale is perfect for the minimalist home office or anywhere the house graphic artist likes to work.

Home office decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Stone Cold: Let’s face it, a slab of marble at this scale would come with an astronomical price tag, but this marble wallpaper mural makes it possible for you to create the luxe look of stone – even on a vast wall – at a fraction of the price. Rich blues and grays along with streaks of metallic gold take this look up a notch, with an almost Milky Way galaxy look, while the mid-century modern furnishings bring it back down to earth.

Living room decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Drama-Glam: This homeowner used black damask wallpaper to create a feature wall behind their bed, taking what might otherwise be a stark, sterile all-white bedroom to a dramatic, semi-formal space. The dark background sets the stage for a cozy sleeping space and the capiz chandelier makes sure the space feels glam and luxurious.

Bedroom decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Streamlined Texture: Earth tones or not, this foyer is practically a-glow thanks to beautifully place lighting next to a wallpaper feature wall. Running end to end, the grass reed wallpaper elongates the wall and takes the eye to the next space. Earthy and natural, these sandy tones can be a great backdrop for furnishings from casual to fine, and vintage to modern.

Entry way decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Rusted Metallic: Last but certainly not least among our list of ten wallpaper feature walls, this metallic abstract mural wallpaper creates a dramatic background ideal for anywhere from the foyer to home office, great room or dining room. Seen here with concrete flooring and workspace, it would be equally complimentary to an overstuffed white or black sofa, rustic or modern dining furniture, or as a feature wall bringing “bling” and glam to a main floor powder room. Color and texture-rich without being overwhelming, thanks to its muted gold, silver and gray palette.

Metallic decorating ideas with wallpaper feature walls

Wallpaper feature walls range from literal art to abstract, metallic, and faux-just-about-anything. They can bring luxury and riches to your space without a high price tag. Use feature walls in lieu of large artwork, to set a mood in your entry-way, to surprise and delight overnight guests in spare bedrooms, or create the perfect backdrop for your own bedroom, home office, kitchen, or other personal favorite space.

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