8 Ways to Decorate Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

So you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, and you haven’t nailed down how you’re going to decorate your home. Maybe you’ve thought about what you’re going to wear, but haven’t put much thought into how you will turn your home into a St. Patrick’s Day wonderland. Worry no more, here are 8 DIY decorations that will make your home feel like Dublin.

Paper Banners

lucky banner decoration

All you need is green construction paper, markers, scissors, and ribbon. Hang a banner over the mantle and drape a banner down the stairs to get so luck flowing through your home. See the full instructions on how to decorate here.

Shamrock Straw Toppers

straw shamrock decorate

This slight touch to your guests’ beverages will add color to their drinks without much work at all! Green paper on green straws will give the shamrock nature look. Have your kids help you make the construction paper shamrocks with these instructions.

Green Flower Arrangement

decorate green flowers

Visit your local farmer’s market to find some natural green flowers. Add in some different shades of green so it adds depth to the bouquet. Put these flowers in a green or clear vase and you have yourself a green centerpiece!

Lucky Photo Display

decorate lucky frame

Go to a local art store and find a frame that has a shamrock as the photo shape. This allows you to insert 4 different photos of your family in the frame. You can add the word “lucky” to the frame to splash in a little more color.

Shamrock Green Peppers

shamrock pepper decorate

Did you realize green peppers resemble 3 or 4 leaf clovers when they are cut width wise? Slide the pepper long wise to add the stem. Dress up any party dish with some sliced peppers to resemble shamrocks for your guests.

Irish Flag Plates

dinner plate decorate

What could be more Irish than the Irish flag? When shopping for plates, keep an eye out for green, white, and orange plates that resemble the flag. This will also introduce other colors into your party mix.

Green/Gold Balloons

green gold balloon decorate

Head over to the local grocery store and pick up some green and gold balloons with helium. They will add color from above without making the room feel smaller. The balloon strings will sway as the fans blow without causing distraction for your party.

Crepe Paper

crepe paper decorate

Crepe paper is great for door decorations and looping from walls to chandeliers. Choose a couple colors so you can mix the colors on the walls. Crepe Paper is also a great decoration for the back of guest’s chairs.


Whatever you chose to do, get creative! St. Patrick’s Day is represented by many symbols, colors and shapes, which offers a lot of creative room for you!