Hidden Wonders of Washington

Western Washington is an outdoor paradise. From expansive shorelines to the tallest mountain peaks, your eyes won’t know which scenic view to take in first. The smell of the sea mixing with cedar and pine trees will have you wanting to bottle it up into the perfect candle. And the food… salmon, clams, and crab. If you love seafood, this is the place for you.

The natural beauty in Western Washington also means numerous outdoor recreation activities. If you love to be active in nature, make Washington your new home.

Must See Locations

From the ocean to the mountains and everything in between, there is much to see in our beautiful part of the world. And the nice thing is, you don’t have to drive very far, meaning you can save a lot of money but still feel like you’re taking a true vacation, even if it’s just a weekend trip. Within two hours of our new build communities, you’ll find:

And you are never lacking in outdoor recreational opportunities when you live in Western Washington. There are numerous places to get outside in nature, from biking to hiking. So take in the sites, get a little exercise, and appreciate what it is to live here. We are so lucky to call this beautiful part of the state our home.

Annual Festivals

Everyone loves a good festival. Western Washington offers a variety of festivals, so whether you’re really into food, holidays, or just a good carnival, there’s something for everyone:

And there’s so much more than those. You certainly won’t run out of things to do for a good time.

Amusement Activities for the Whole Family

There is nothing better than spending time with family. So many of our new build communities are located near attractions the whole family can enjoy. And for those with young kids or just thinking about starting a family, you’ll find fun activities for every stage of childhood.

For the Little Kids

For anyone who has little kids, you know all you need is a few hours of entertainment to wear them out (nap time is heaven!). You also understand that they don’t have the patience for long car trips, so staying local is key to a successfully fun day. Here are a few activities, all within a couple hours max, to enjoy with your young kids:

And of course, the big kids will probably enjoy these activities too!

For You and Your Older Kids

Speaking of big kids, a lot of walking around can be a challenge for the younger kids, but there’s pretty much nothing your older kids won’t enjoy. Lucky for them, there’s tons to do:

And depending on your kid’s interests and hobbies, there’s so much more to do.

The Wonders of Washington are Calling… Will You Answer?

If you’re looking for a new home, there is no better place to live than amongst the wonders of Washington. There’s something for everyone and every family here. From the abundance of natural beauty to the numerous outdoor recreational opportunities, you truly live when you live in Washington.

Soundbuilt has numerous new homes available, all within a short drive of the beauties and attractions we’ve listed in this article. Our concierge service is available to help you start your home buying journey seven days a week. Due to the overwhelming demand for new homes in this area, we encourage anyone interested in buying a new build to join our VIP priority list. So make today the day you start living the life you dream of.

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