2012 Fall Color Trends for Interior Design and Decor

You are sure to find colors you love among these 2012 fall color trends for fashion from the color experts, Pantone. Use the color trends for Autumn to update wall colors, choose eye-catching accessories or inspire more in the way of interior design for your home!

Pantone’s 2012 fall color trendsWhen it comes to color, we all have our favorites. In fact, when you were just a little kid, color might have been one of the first things you ever personally identified yourself with as a preference, from the very first time you told your best friend what your favorite color was or shared it with classmates as part of a show and tell exercise.

Not only is color subjective, with preferences varying from person to person, but while there are guidelines for the use of colors, these are rules that are made to be broken in order for you to adorn yourself or surround yourself with the colors that are most representative of your taste in home décor. When it comes to interior design choices for your own home, or choosing accessories like linens, frames or furniture, there’s nothing wrong with using the colors that simply make you feel good.

We can’t tell you what colors will look best in your new home, but we can share fashion color trends, so that you have the ability to spot treasures when you are out shopping or choose bedspreads, area rugs and other accessories to complete the interior design of your new house or update your home before placing it on the market for sale.

2012 color trends have been big and bold, with brights once again dominating the 2012 spring color landscape and moving right on into the expert’s choices for fall color trends in 2012.  Ever the resource when it comes to seasonal color trends, Pantone’s 2012 fall color trends won’t disappoint—there is something for the interior design expert in everyone!

2012 Fall Color Trends for Home Decor and Inspiration

Pantone’s 2012 fall color trends

Here are the Pantone fall color trends for Fall 2012 style and fashion, from left to right in the image above (followed by their CMYK equivalents):

  • French Roast (Pantone 19-1012)
  • Honey Gold (Pantone 15-1142)
  • Pink Flambe (Pantone 18-2133)
  • Ultramarine Green (Pantone 18-5338)
  • Olympian Blue (Pantone 19-4056)
  • Titanium (Pantone 17-4014)
  • Rhapsody (Pantone 19-1652)
  • Rose Smoke (Pantone 14-1506)
  • Whitecap Gray (Pantone 12-0304)
  • Bright Chartreuse (Pantone 14-0445)
  • Rhubarb (Pantone 19-1652)
  • Sea Fog (Pantone 16-3304)
  • and – in the big square – the 2012 Pantone Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463)

Obviously you aren’t going to use all of these colors all at once in your home, so we put together a few different types of color combinations as suggestions for using the fall colors for 2012 found in Pantone’s 2012 Fall Fashion Color Report.

Let’s start with the color of the year, Tangerine Tango. This strong, bright color for fall 2012 would likely not be one you want to put up on a whole wall, but it’s going to make for eye-popping accessories. Use bright colors like Tangerine Tango to create a visual journey through your space or as the foundational color for bright towels in the kids bathroom or stimulating toy colors for baby’s room.

2012 fall color trends tangerine tango and bright chartreause from PantoneWhile you will probably want to use the 2012 color of the year sparingly inside, the same rules don’t apply when decorating out of doors. Tangerine Tango and it’s complementary fall 2012 fashion color Bright Chartreuse would be great in your outdoor space. They can hold their own against the colors of mother nature and your garden! For a third bright outdoor accent color, add Olympian Blue.

And don’t forget that often nature’s own accessories make for eye-catching accessories within your home. A big bright bowl or clear glass cylinder filled with actual tangerines or limes mimic the brights seen in Pantone’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango and fellow fall color for fall 2012, Bright Chartreuse.

2012 fall color trends for a romantic roomIf the 2012 fall color trends of tangerine and chartreuse are too strong for you, you can step back to softer fall color trends like Honey Gold and Rhapsody. That way, you’ll keep all of the glow without so much of the bright!

2012 fall color trends for a romantic roomFor a little girl’s room, you can go all-out with pinks using Pink Flambe and Rose Smoke together along with color of the year, Tangerine Tango. Or for a softer, romantic feminine palette, combine Rose Smoke, Sea Fog and French Roast.

2012 masculine fall colorsFor a more masculine bedroom, use French Roast along with Olympian Blue and Titanium.

French Roast and Whitecap Gray are great wall colors for walls where you want your artwork and décor to stand out. And use Titanium, Sea Fog and Whitecap Gray together in areas where you want a very modern, clean backdrop where all of your other colors will truly pop.

Have you used any of the colors from the 2012 Fall Color Trends in or outside of your home? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a photo and we’ll display as many as possible to help other people use the color trends for fall 2012 with confidence!