Soundbuilt GIVING BACK

Creating a better future for tomorrow, starts by building up those around us today. That’s why Soundbuilt Homes has made it our mission to make a difference in the very communities we’re building up every day. Here are a just a few ways we’ve given back locally in Western Washington:


Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital is the only pediatric hospital in the South Sound that’s dedicated to serving the special health needs of pediatric patients. With a $10,000 donation, Soundbuild Homes helped provide those in need with access to critical care and treatment.


Home Aid Puget Sound assists homebuilders and remodelers in their quest to provide housing for the homeless. By helping build a better future for those in need, they’ve built 14 housing projects in the Puget Sound area, offering over 63,000 bed nights to the homeless.


The House for Hope was created by the Master Builders Association of Pierce County members and Soundbuilt Homes as an initiative to build a house that was sold for charity in order to benefit thousands of local students and non-profits in the greater Tacoma area.


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