5 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors (Without Going Door to Door)

Meeting each one of your neighbors is going to take some time, and most people don’t have the brain capacity in meeting every one of their new neighbors by going door to door. The key is to be visible. This can mean making yourself visible outside, visible in an online Facebook group, and/or visible in neighborhood events. Here are 5 ways to organically meet your new neighbors.

Take Your Dog to The (Dog)Park

Whether you have a designated dog park in your community or not, taking your dog to the park will unite you with some other dog owners. You start talking about your dogs, just to find out that the dog owner went to your college and studied the same field as you! Starting a conversation is half the battle, so organically start a conversation about your dogs and see where the conversation goes from there.

Spend Time Outside Your House

Make it a priority to spend time outside of your house when it’s nice. The sun attracts people to go outside and you’ll likely run across them if you’re both outside. Washing your car, gardening, mowing your lawn, and organizing a block party are all great ways to make yourself present all while doing productive tasks. On the flip side, when you are out on walks during the nice weather, stop by to say hello to your neighbors who are doing their productive household tasks. This can feel like a more organic way to meet your neighbors as you’re both just out and about.

Join the Community Facebook Group

All topics ranging from security updates, garbage day changes, upcoming events, and more can be found on the group Facebook page. Posting on the Facebook group is an instant way to reach the most people in your community in the least amount of time. If you are moving into a brand new community and the neighborhood does not have an existing page, take the initiative to create one. It will help unify your neighborhood and help you meet the people who live around you.

Pay it Forward

If someone in your community comes to your door to tell you that you left your lights on, pay that generous act forward. Next time you are out and about, go to an unknown neighbor’s home and bring them a sweet treat as a random act of kindness and introduce yourself while you are there. This will get you to meet someone you wouldn’t have thought about meeting and create that neighborly bond.

Go to Community Events

The HOA puts on events time to time and it’s all to benefit the community. If your neighborhood is putting on a block party, make that a priority and make an appearance with your family. You’ll meet people who are also looking to socialize with their neighbors. In the event that there are games present, pick one of your neighbors as a partner and get competitive. Working together to a common goal is a great way to quickly get to know your neighbor.


Getting to know your neighbors is not an easy and fast task. Just like building everyday relationships, creating neighbor relationships take time and effort. While going door to door is not appealing to every new homebuyer, consider using these 5 ways to meet your new neighbors in an organic way.