Bathroom Bliss – 11 Dramatic Bathroom Makeover Ideas for New Home Owners

There are some good reasons why homeowners have decided that some of the smallest rooms in their homes – the guest bathroom or powder room – deserve dramatic bathroom makeovers.

4 Reasons Dramatic Bath and Powder Rooms are Making a Splash in Home Decorating

No pun intended; however, dramatic bathroom and powder room makeovers are making a splash in home decorating trends right now. While you might think that these traditionally small rooms can’t become the most memorable rooms in your home, they can, and for all the right reasons.

1. No harm, no foul.

Bathrooms and powder rooms are small rooms in comparison to most of the other rooms in your home. If you go for a big, bold design and (worst case scenario) it doesn’t pan out, repainting or papering the room won’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money.

2. It’s not afraid to be the ‘butt’ of the joke.

Studies and dens, those are serious rooms where serious work gets done. Kitchens are workhorses. Family rooms are public gathering spaces. Dining rooms set the stage for more formal meals and heart to heart conversations.

But bathrooms?  Let’s face it; the term ‘bathroom humor’ was coined for a reason. Bathrooms and powder rooms don’t complain when they find themselves the butt of the joke; however, in return, they give you a canvas where anything goes.

3. Small means stunning doesn’t require a spectacular budget.

Bath and powder rooms are typically small by comparison to the rest of your home. Decorating them with stunning colors, finishes, textures, lighting, furniture and fixtures can therefore also be done at a comparatively small cost. It’s one room where you don’t have to compromise because of budget.

4. The Selfie Generation is already using the can as a self portrait studio.

At some point you or some member of your household is going to take a selfie in the bath or powder room in order to capture some aspect of their hair, physique or clothing for posterity. Since they’re using the bathroom as a photo booth anyway, why not go for a dramatic bathroom that makes your home look like a million bucks, too?

11 Dramatic Bathroom and Powder Room Makeover Ideas


The wallpaper is dramatic all on its own, and brings the brightly painted cabinet with door knocker handles and bright chrome-framed mirror to life.

Dramatic bathroom with statement mirror and sconces


We’re calling this one ‘period piece.’ We love how the statement mirror and sconces evoke the feel of a Parisian apartment.

Dramatic bathroom makeover with bold color


Though this example features textured wallpaper, it’s worth noting that the color alone creates a rich backdrop in this otherwise minimalist powder room.


In another bold bathroom makeover we find bold color is once again the star of the show, this time in a beautiful watermelon pink that warms up what would otherwise be a stark, cold white room.

bold lighting and color bathroom makeover


Once again we find color headlining in this bold, modern bathroom, and this time its costars include dirigible tiles which are echoed in the adorable hanging light fixtures.

Dramatic bathroom with unconventional fixtures


Not only dramatic but very masculine, this powder room has been tiled to the hilt. Paired with unconventional lighting, marbled vanity and unique sink fixture for maximum effect.

Damask wallpaper and chandelier bathroom


We’re staying on the dark side; they have cookies! In another nod to Parisian luxury, this dramatic bathroom features dark damask wallpaper with grey trim at the ceiling, dark cabinetry, a unique tiered sink, clear glass wall sconce and beautiful crystal chandelier.

Edison light sconces for the bathroom

Source: Pinterest

Edison light fixture sconces are very modern, yet with a rustic touch. On trend right now, and a great choice for those who want to use lighting to take centerstage in their powder room makeover.

Dramatic wallpaper for bathroom


There’s no question that a bold wallpaper can change the look of a powder room instantly, and this one doesn’t disappoint.


Simply using unexpected materials like concrete in the first example or the minimalist floating wood shelf in the second as well as the repurposed barnwood cabinet with washboard cabinet panel, old hinges and handles and a beautiful hammered copper sink combine form with function, and turn bathroom fixtures into art.

DIY repurposed bench becomes a vanity


DIY repurposed bench becomes a stunning bathroom vanity with this farm sink and antique mirror.

5 Low-Cost Ways to Get a Dramatic Bathroom Without a Dramatic Budget Increase

1. Towels and Rugs

If you’re working with a neutral or fairly monochromatic palette, adding dramatic color in towels and rugs is a quick way to freshen up the look of your home’s bath and powder rooms without spending very much money.

2. Light Fixtures

Even if you change nothing else, adding a dramatic, statement light fixture (sconces, chandeliers, Edison lights, etc.) instantly adds signature style to your home’s bathroom or powder room. You can often pendant, hanging lights and sconce fixtures starting under $100, or you can go even more unique and check out local antique stores to find a truly unique bathroom lighting option.

3. Faucets and Handles

Changing your bathroom’s faucet and handles can instantly change its overall style at a fairly low cost. With so many options to choose from, this could be a great weekend DIY project that packs big impact.

4. Shower Curtains

Shower curtains effectively give your bathroom an extra wall. Choosing a shower curtain in a bright color or with a distinctive style can instantly change the look of the room, with many options under $20. Or for a completely unique look, this is another weekend DIY project you could do yourself, and bring your favorite fabric into the powder room.

5. Statement Mirrors

Adding a statement mirror or even simply framing your existing mirrors with painted or stained wood frames can make them look more expensive immediately. Mirrors are a great example of a low cost accessory whose frame can easily be changed with little more than some paint and creativity.