How to make your new home yours!

The journey of purchasing a new construction home is thrilling and gratifying. The opportunity to personalize and transform your living space from a blank slate to suit your unique tastes and lifestyle is extremely rewarding. At Soundbuilt Homes, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you’re drawn to a classic or contemporary aesthetic, our team of designers have created designs meant to inspire the ideal balance of beauty and functionality. By exploring these design inspirations and incorporating elements that resonate with you, you’ll begin to bring your dream home to life.

Explore our newly-merchandised model homes in person to spark your imagination and see your dream home unfold before your eyes.


The Cedar at Nisqually Place


At Soundbuilt Homes, our design experts understand the importance of creating a living space that is both stylish and functional. The Cedar model home at Nisqually Place is a crowd favorite among our homebuyers, boasting a 2,996 square feet livable floor plan with a warm taupe color palette accented by ivory, cedar, and moss tones. This style gives the home a cozy hacienda vibe, enhanced by the walnut and brass elements and textured and layered neutrals. 



Integrating walnut and brass elements lends an air of elegance to the design while using textured and layered neutrals adds depth and warmth to the overall aesthetic. The Cedar model’s harmonious fusion of these features is a perfect inspiration for those seeking to create a similar ambiance in their homes.

To emulate this essence in your new home, start by adopting a comparable color palette and design elements. Choose a foundational color, like taupe, and then enrich the space with harmonizing tones and textures. Weave walnut and brass details into your furniture, lighting fixtures, and decorative accents to sophisticate the space. Layer neutral textiles like rugs, cushions, and window dressings to enhance the cozy atmosphere. By thoughtfully combining these design components, you can recreate the inviting essence of the Cedar model, transforming your new home into a warm and charming personal haven.

One of the standout features of the Cedar model is the spacious great room, where the LVP flooring continues seamlessly throughout, complemented by chocolate leather chairs and two matching bookcases. These bookcases flank the fireplace, providing a perfect spot for color and greenery while defining the space. The room is further enhanced by a large sectional and a patterned rug.



The kitchen is a dream for any home cook, with a large island and various surfaces, such as backsplash, countertop materials, and flooring, all customizable to the buyer’s preferences. Upgrades like a dedicated coffee bar can be added when you visit the design center to personalize the space further.



In the bedroom, you’ll find a California King bed in the bedrooms, an oversized mirror above the dresser to maximize the space, and unique design touches like an ombre shiplap wall treatment. The loft, a favorite feature among homebuyers and (the design team), features an oversized sectional and a mid-century modern chair. The trim detail creates a geometric pattern for overall visual interest.



This model’s guest room and secondary bedrooms offer homebuyers plenty of inspiration for crafting their own unique spaces. Clever design elements, such as shorter headboards, maximize natural light, while a comfortable bench at the end of the bed adds an inviting touch.



Each room showcases a distinct theme, ranging from a whimsical mountain motif to a lively jungle setting with vibrant pops of green. These creative approaches inspire homebuyers, demonstrating how pieces and personal touches can be incorporated to make each room in their new home truly one-of-a-kind.

Drawing inspiration from these well-curated spaces, homebuyers can envision the endless possibilities for their living areas and bedrooms. With thoughtful design choices and touches of creativity, every room can uniquely express your style and vision.


The Willow at Tahoma Terra


The Willow Plan at Tahoma Terra is a prime example of the versatility and style that homebuyers can bring to life in their new home. This contemporary chalet-inspired design features a rich color palette of plum and taupe with charcoal accents, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.



The living area showcases a large-scale sectional, complemented by dark wood cases that add depth and sophistication to the space. The dining area boasts a generous table, perfect for hosting family gatherings and dinner parties.

One of the standout design features of the Willow Model 2853 is the themed bedrooms, including a snowboard-inspired room. The charming mauve in the skateboard room highlights the opportunity to get creative and embrace customization options.



Our design team encourages homebuyers to explore options for accent walls, including wallpaper and trim details, to add a touch of individuality to their living space. One popular option is shiplap, which can be easily incorporated as a post-purchase treatment to enhance the home’s aesthetic appeal.

Alabaster White serves as the go-to paint color for this design, providing a crisp and clean backdrop that allows the other elements of the space to shine. The goal is to create a living area that perfectly balances style, comfort, and personalization, ensuring each home reflects your unique personality and tastes.


The Coronado at Elk Run


The Coronado model home at Elk Run showcases a distinctive approach to design and is the perfect inspiration for our modern design fans. Incorporating black accents and an abundance of texture creates an inviting and stylish atmosphere. Our team recommends selecting an anchor color to complement the white and black colorway and achieve a harmonious look. 



The intriguing asymmetrical furniture arrangement takes center stage in this captivating living room design. The space features a sleek black metal leaning bookcase thoughtfully positioned beside the striking fireplace, which enhances the room’s visual appeal and creates a sense of balance. To elevate the ambiance further, an oversized sectional couch invites relaxation and conversation, adorned with many textured pillows in complementary colors and patterns.

Adding to the room’s allure, a bold tribal-inspired rug underlines the seating area, infusing the space with an eclectic touch and tying together the various design elements. Combining these carefully collected pieces and accents results in a living room with a unique style – a perfect setting for creating cherished memories with friends and family.



A black velvet upholstered headboard and large-scale nightstand make a bold statement in the primary bedroom, while accent cabinets provide practical storage solutions. When furnishing a home with over 3,100 sq ft of living space, our design experts encourage you to follow the rule of scale, opting for larger furniture pieces to fill and complement the expansive rooms.



The Elk Run model is a testament to versatility and creativity. By thoughtfully combining various design elements and customizations, you can craft spaces that cater to your practical needs and resonate with your aesthetic preferences.


The Willow at The Landing at Spanaway


The Willow at The Landing in Spanaway is a prime example of the customization options available to homebuyers during their design center meeting. The Willow is a three-story plan that offers a seamless flow between its ground-floor rooms, highlighted by a grand entryway, fireplace mantle, and generous-sized rooms.



The color palette features a sophisticated blend of navy, camel, and taupe, with cognac leather accents and an optional blue accent strip in the kitchen. The dining nook showcases an oversized table that can comfortably accommodate up to eight guests, making it perfect for hosting friends and family. 



Our design experts have a keen eye for layers and texture, as seen in the tribal textures of the bedding and the unique wall treatments throughout the home.  The generous-sized great room is anchored by a large sectional and cocktail table, with a bracing blue trim accent wall that adds a touch of luxury without overpowering the space. 



While one of the bedrooms boasts wide boards creating an eye-catching ‘X’ pattern at the headboard, another bedroom carries a mountain theme with layered textures.



The Willow model offers versatile spaces tailored to individual needs, such as home offices or dedicated study areas for children. The large rooms and attention to detail in areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, where a 3 to 6-inch splash detail can be customized, showcase just the tip of the options available for Soundbuilt homebuyers at the design center.



A highlight of this model is the versatile loft upstairs, which offers endless possibilities for its use. This inviting space can be transformed into a game room, a vibrant play area, or even a comfortable multigenerational living space catering to the diverse needs of modern households. The opportunities for personalization and creativity are boundless in a space like this!

To further enhance the room’s charm, a sophisticated masculine chair is incorporated into the generous layout, lending an extra layer of style and character. This thoughtful touch demonstrates how the perfect blend of form and function can elevate any living space.



With the Willow floor plan, homebuyers can make their living spaces their own by utilizing den spaces for various purposes and personalizing their home.


Ready To Make Your Dream Home A Reality?


At Soundbuilt Homes, our design experts optimize living space while ensuring accessibility, clean lines, and versatile styles for homebuyers exploring design possibilities. By transforming often-overlooked pocket spaces into functional areas, like offices or cozy nooks, we showcase the potential of these hidden gems and ensure that every part of the home serves a purpose.

Our approach aims to cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences while still maintaining the timeless appeal of clean, mid-range styles. 

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