5 Ways to Give Your New Home a Summertime Makeover

A summertime makeover can make your new home the perfect place to spend time inside and out during the warmer months to come.


5 Summertime Makeover Ideas for New Homes (and Older Homes, Too)

5 Summertime Makeover Ideas for New Homes (and Older Homes, Too)Now is the time to execute your summertime makeover ideas, before warmer weather hits, before kids get out of school for the summer, before you get busy taking weekend day trips and summer vacations, and so on. A little time, elbow grease, creativity and money spent now can make your new home the ideal place to enjoy the season.

Potted Flowers and Plants are Like Jewelry for Your New Home

This is a great time of year to get your summer planters ready. Spend a little or a lot – the spots of color and vibrancy these little gems provide should put them high up on your new home summertime makeover list.

Think of these planters like jewelry for your home. Your new home can “wear” potted flowers and plants as earrings (hanging baskets), necklaces (wall-mounted and stacking planters), rings (potted plants and flowers placed by the front door, on the deck or in other strategic locations).  In case you missed it, we recently published a great article with more than 30 photos and 6 DIY front porch decorating project ideas.

You can also turn this into a true summer DIY home decorating project. Lowe’s Succulent Picture Frame Planter video below shows you how to repurpose old picture frames and turn them into succulent planters – succulents are especially great here in the Pacific Northwest since our mild winters mean the growing season never has to end.


Swap Sweaters for Tank Tops – Brighten Up Your House with Light, Airy Window Coverings

If potted flowers and plants are like jewelry for your new home, light, airy sheer window coverings are like changing out a winter sweater for a summer tank top.  Swap out insulated, heavy curtains for light, airy sheer window dressings. This will help you take advantage of the great summer sunshine with the sun so far to the north (finally!) If you’re a King, Pierce or Thurston county new home owner, especially if you’re fairly new to the area, the “grays” that come along with our rain-rich climate can get to you; capitalizing on the great light-filled days we have during the summertime can help.

Nor do you have to stop at the windows. Changing throw pillows and blankets out from dark winter colors to light, bright colors also helps convey a feeling of summertime.

Break Out the Outdoor Living Lifestyle

If the Pacific Northwest’s rains have you feeling cooped up, it’s going to feel great to extend your new home’s living space into the outdoors. Now is the time to set up your outdoor living space with areas perfect for lounging on deck chairs, eating al fresco, entertaining into the evening hours when sunlight lasts as long as 10 PM, grilling for max flavor, and so on.

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Refresh Your Recipe Repertoire

If you often find that you crave fresh fruits and vegetables more often during the warmer months of the year, you’re not alone. Though at first you might not think about buying groceries as part of a summertime makeover project, think again. This is a great time for you to clean out your fridge and pantry and replacing aging ingredients and meal kits more suitable for winter months with the ingredients you’ll want to have on hand for your favorite summertime recipes.

And don’t forget the freezer! Make sure to make room in your freezer for homemade popsicles as well as grocery items like ice cream, ice cubes for drinks and entertaining, fruit bars and more. As soon as that first 80 degree day hits in Seattle or Tacoma, you’ll be ready to go straight to the freezer for a tasty frozen treat.

Add Bling to Every Room of Your Home

The inside of your new home needs a little bling too! Bouquets of cut flowers purchased from one of the nearby Farmer’s Markets in King, Pierce and Thurston counties can adorn your granite or quartz counters, bathroom vanities, bedroom dressers, entryway tables, home office desks and more.  Plus, you can make your Farmer’s Market trips doubly effective by purchasing the fresh fruits and vegetables you need for your pantry’s summertime makeover at the same time.