2023 Pumpkin Patch Round Up: Pierce & Thurston County

As the weather cools and the leaves change colors, it’s pumpkin season in Pierce and Thurston Counties! If you love fall, you’re in for a treat. Pumpkin patches are opening up, and at Soundbuilt Homes, we’re just as excited about the Fall season as you are! So, let’s explore the top pumpkin patches in the area so you can start making your weekend plans.

Pierce County

Buckley: Maris Farms offers an exciting rustic pumpkin patch experience. With picturesque landscapes and a charming atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination for all ages.

Puyallup: Start your journey at Double R Farms, where the fields are ripe with all shapes and sizes, making it a perfect spot for a fun-filled day of pumpkin picking with family and friends.

For a taste of farm-fresh delights, head to Picha Farms, where the vibrant colors of pumpkins and other seasonal produce create a picturesque scene. Nearby, Scholz Farm & Garden offers a charming rural experience with a pumpkin patch and various festive decorations. You won’t want to miss Sidhu Farms, where the warm smiles of the farm’s proprietors make every visit memorable.

Venturing further into Pierce County, Spooner Farms has an expansive selection of pumpkins and family-friendly activities. While Sterino Farms offers the experience of a working farm.

Sumner: Knutson Farms offers visitors the chance to pick their pumpkins! Whether hunting for the ideal jack-o’-lantern candidate or aiming to add some seasonal charm to your home decor, this hot spot has you covered.

Spanaway: Old McDebbie’s Farm offers an authentic and memorable experience for the entire family. From navigating the winding paths among the pumpkin patches to rows upon rows of vibrant orange gourds waiting to be plucked,, every visit is an adventure.


Thurston County

Thurston County is a treasure trove of pumpkin patches, each with its distinct charm. Here are a few must-visit spots:

Hunter Family Farm LLC: From corn mazes to pumpkin picking, it offers a range of family-friendly activities. With its welcoming atmosphere and charming farm animals, it’s a place where lasting memories are made.

Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm: Best known for pumpkins and their famous apple cider! Beyond pumpkin picking, visitors can tour the cider mill and savor homemade apple cider donuts. It’s a blend of pumpkin patch and old-fashioned country store, perfect for fall fun. Yum!

Pigman’s Organic Produce Patch: A haven for those seeking farm-fresh delights. Visitors can wander through the fields, plucking their organic produce, from pumpkins to crisp apples, and immerse themselves in the wholesome experience of farm life.

Rutledge Corn Maze: This place is an adventure filled with twists and turns, perfect for thrill-seekers. The maze’s intricate designs challenge visitors to navigate while a host of other fun activities, from hayrides to pumpkin picking.

Schilter Family Farm: This farm offers a variety of seasonal attractions, including pumpkin patches, hayrides, and a corn maze. You can spend hours exploring the farm, indulging in fresh cider, and cherishing the essence of fall in every corner of this charming destination.

Thurston County has a wealth of options for your pumpkin-picking adventures.



Kids at a pumpkinfarm

Where Memories Begin

Whether you prefer the rustic charm of Buckley, the bustling patches in Puyallup, or the diverse options in Thurston County, there’s a pumpkin patch adventure waiting just for you.

As you explore these beautiful destinations, soak in the fall vibes, make memories with loved ones, and share your adventures on social media. Be sure to tag us in your photos, and let’s make this Fall unforgettable together!

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