4 Summer Time Party Ideas

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your summer time gatherings! Assuming we’ll be in Phase 2-3 in Washington’s Reopening Plan for at least part of the summer, here are ways to celebrate with loved ones. From block parties to dinner parties to casual backyard BBQ’s, here are 4 summer time party ideas.

4 Summer Time Party Ideas

Traditional Block Party

Summer brings warmth, not only in the weather but in people’s attitude’s as well. It’s the perfect time to organize a block party and meet your neighbors! If you’re part of a Facebook group with your neighborhood, create a poll asking which weekend works best for everyone. Once you decide on a date, coordinate with the city and see if it’s possible to shut down your street for a few hours so people can safely walk through the streets during the block party. Next, you’ll want to decide what type of food to bring. A fun way to distinguish who brings what dish is to divvy it up by last name. If the last name starts with A-F, they are in charge of entrees. G-L is in charge of sides, M-R is in charge of desserts, and S-Z is in charge of drinks. This way every category of food is taken care of. Next you’ll want to plan the entertainment. See if someone in the neighborhood has a large speaker set so you’ll be able to play music loud enough for people to hear. Or better yet, if you know someone in a local band that wouldn’t mind playing at the block party, that could bring the local “cool” factor. Finally, suggest to your neighbors to pull out any yard games they have. These games could include corn hole, yard gold, badminton etc.

Outdoor Movie Night

Throwing an outdoor movie night is one of the most popular summer time party ideas since it attracts both parents and adults. It also allows families to spend time together outside and with friends. Here’s what you’ll need: a projector, a laptop, a screen, and a speaker system. Simply pull up a movie on your computer, plug it in to the projector and connect the projector to a large screen. When choosing movies, it’s best to go with a classic, or a movie that appeals to both kids and adults. Recent movies like “The Greatest Showman” will have the crowd singing a long and having a great time. It’s best to ask each party to bring their own blanket so they’ll be able to sit comfortably on the grass. Additionally, asking each guest to bring their own beverages can alleviate the pressure on you as the host to provide. For snacks, the classic movie and popcorn would be an easy and well received snack. Try to steer clear of complex snacks as you don’t know about allergies or food preferences.

Backyard Bonfire

Backyard bonfires are one of the most common summer time party ideas since they represent the epitome of spending time outside in the summer. To throw a successful backyard bonfire you’ll need: enough chairs for all of your guests, a fire pit, music, enough wood to last the entirety of the party, and s’mores ingredients. If there are a ton of people coming over to your home for the bonfire, it’s ok to ask people to bring their own chairs. Running out of wood is a party fail, so make sure you’re fully stocked before the bonfire begins. Including s’mores in the evening’s festivities will have people looking forward to a tasty treat all night long. Bonfires also tend to bring out the musicality in your guests, so be prepared with some musical instruments or Spotify music that your guests can sing along with. You may be surprised at some of your guest’s musical talents!

Sophisticated Outdoor Dinner Parties

When it’s sunny outside, it’s hard to eat dinner inside! If you have a deck or patio space with chairs and tables, why not fancy them up and throw a sophisticated outdoor dinner party. Here’s what you’ll need for this soiree: Table cloths, candles, music, food, and drinks. Spend some time cleaning up your outdoor space and pretty it up for guests. On top of the table cloth, put some flowers on the table along with some candles to set the mood. To really get into the theme, you can ask your dinner party guests to dress up in evening cocktail attire. For this meal you’ll want to serve a lighter meal and pair-able drinks. For example, if you choose to serve salmon, have some white wine ready for your guests. Of course you’ll want to serve a finger food appetizers and a small dessert at the end of the night as well. Sophisticated outdoor dinner parties can be a great excuse for you and your friends to dress up, all while still being comfortable in a familiar space.

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