Discover West Hill, Auburn: Ideal Community for Professionals and Families

Nestled in the heart of Auburn, Washington, lies West Hill, a vibrant community that offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and suburban charm. Home to a diverse population and a wide array of amenities, Auburn is becoming a sought-after destination for young professionals and families alike.

The Growing Community of West Hill

Located conveniently in Auburn, West Hill boasts a prime location that offers easy access to the region’s major cities. Its recent growth and development have transformed it into one of Western Washington’s most sought-after residential areas. With a backdrop of lush greenery, nearby parks, and picturesque lakes, West Hill provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life while keeping you close to the amenities you need.

Commuting and Accessibility

Commuting from the community is made easy by the presence of several major highways that run through Auburn, WA.

These include:

  • Interstate 5 (I-5): A major north-south highway that provides direct access to cities like Seattle and Tacoma.
  • State Route 167 (SR 167): Also known as the Valley Freeway, SR 167 connects Auburn to Renton, Kent, and other cities in the Puget Sound region.
  • State Route 18 (SR 18): This east-west highway links Auburn to cities like Federal Way and Maple Valley, offering convenient travel options for residents.
  • State Route 164 (SR 164): Running through downtown Auburn, SR 164 provides access to nearby communities and scenic routes

Whether you prefer driving or taking public transportation, you can count on a stress-free journey to nearby cities and job centers. This ease of access is a major draw for young professionals who want the best of both worlds – a peaceful community to come home to and a convenient route to their workplace.

Job Opportunities in Auburn, WA

For young professionals seeking job opportunities, the city of Auburn is full of potential. The city and surrounding areas are experiencing significant growth that’s driving employment. Whether you’re in the tech sector, healthcare, or any other industry, West Hill’s proximity to major employment centers makes it an ideal choice. Moreover, the potential for career growth and advancement is ever-present, making it a place where you can truly build your future.

Some of the prominent companies in the area include:

Education and Schools

West Hill is proud to be a part of the Auburn School District, known for its commitment to academic excellence and student success. With a diverse range of schools catering to various grade levels, families in the West Hill community have access to quality education options close to home. From innovative teaching methods to robust extracurricular programs, the Auburn School District offers a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for future endeavors. With dedicated teachers, supportive staff, and a focus on individualized learning, students in Auburn receive the guidance and resources they need to thrive academically and personally.

Find Your Dream Home at West Hill

We’re dedicated to crafting homes that reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of modern families. Our collection of floor plans in West Hill combines contemporary design with affordability, ensuring that both young professionals and families can find their ideal home. From family-friendly neighborhoods to thoughtful safety features, Soundbuilt Homes prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction as you embark on your homeownership journey in West Hill.

A gorgeous new home in West Hill by Soundbuilt Homes

Lifestyle and Recreation

Beyond the thriving job market and quality education, West Hill offers a vibrant community life. The area is brimming with recreational activities and parks where you can unwind and enjoy the outdoors. From hiking trails to family picnics in the park, West Hill provides opportunities for both relaxation and adventure. Cultural events and local entertainment options add to the community’s rich tapestry, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in West Hill.

Here are some of the closest recreation options in Auburn, WA:

With these and many other recreational amenities nearby, West Hill promises endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure right at your doorstep.

Come Visit West Hill Today!

West Hill is more than just a place to live; it’s a thriving community filled with opportunities for young professionals and families alike. Its accessibility, growing job market, educational institutions, and family-friendly neighborhoods make it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling life. We encourage you to explore West Hill as a vibrant and welcoming community where your dreams can take root.

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