11 Must-Try DIY Projects for New Home Owners Perfect for Fall and Winter Months

In 2018, the global DIY market was worth nearly $48B. It’s massive!  When we studied the demographics of DIYers (Do It Yourself-ers) we quickly realized that DIY and home buying goes hand in hand. Here are a few examples:

  • Quality, value and experience matter more than price – BUT –
  • 39% of DIYers do DIY because of cost considerations
  • 50% of DIYers are female
  • 52% of DIYers are 24-44 years old – Millennials and Gen X – AND –
  • 73% of Millennials and 51% of Gen X prefer DIY home improvement projects, per the National Association of Realtors (NAR)
  • DIYers often go into action due to life changing events – buying a home, having a baby or getting married
  • DIYers don’t just want to do it on their own, they want to make it their own – they want unique, one-of-a-kind and personalized items
  • Over half of DIYers hire professionals to help with some part or major elements of a project (such as patio or deck building)
  • 84% are actively seeking out DIY inspiration all year long

Chances are that if you are into DIY projects, you might see yourself in some of those stats above. We’re here for you! Here are eleven DIY projects that are perfect to do during fall and winter months.

1. DIY Welcome Mat – You can take any blank welcome mat, a little paint and a stencil (or freehand for those who are able) and turn it into a custom greeting to adorn your front doorstep. From seasonal to personalized, from sweet to sarcastic, your welcome mat can become much more than just a place for guests to wipe their shoes.

We loved this one because it’s both saucy and seasonal for fall: Find out how to make this “Hey There Pumpkin” DIY welcome mat online. You’ll find more ideas with a quick search on Pinterest, like the one we stumbled on with more DIY welcome mat inspiration at giggleliving.com.

2. DIY Foyer Guest Drop Zone – Who doesn’t love a good drop zone? We used Pinterest to seek out inspiration for a drop zone that is front-door-foyer and guest-worthy. A step up from something you would put in a mud zone. Some of the best examples we found were old cabinets refreshed to offer guests a place to drop their bags and shoes. Instead of having a pile of shoes by the front door, wouldn’t you rather look at something like this?


DIY guest drop zone for shoes

3. DIY Front Door Refresh – One of the common requests of home buyers is the desire to have a home that isn’t “cookie cutter.” One of the easiest ways to make sure that your home stands out (in a good way) is to repaint your outer front door so that it doesn’t look like all the rest. This HouseBeautiful.com article includes 30 different painted doors for DIY front door inspiration.

4. Unique Hardware Refresh – Along the lines of customizing what might otherwise be a standard kitchen design, one quick, easy and inexpensive way is to change out your drawer and cabinet pulls and knobs. Instead of buying replacements, get inspired to DIY cabinet knobs and pulls with this collection of 25 different photo and video examples of using toys, hardware, jewelry and found items to truly personalize your home.

5. DIY Throw Blanket Ladder – Many people buy antique wood ladders to hand their blankets and throws on. Since fall and winter months often mean cooler temps, wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to keep your warm throw blankets handy without having them all over your furniture? GatheredInTheKitchen.com shows you how to make your own blanket ladder for just a few dollars and in under an hour! As an added bonus, you can move this outside in the spring and summer and use it as a planter display.

6. Fireplace Mantel Update – If you’re not afraid of projects like the DIY blanket ladder, you’re probably won’t be scared off by this one, either. Another low-cost, high impact project, making your own rustic fireplace mantel or a full fireplace surround will transform your home’s gathering space, making it warm, inviting and truly unique to your taste.

7. Reversible Seasonal Front Door Panel – The perfect combination of arts, crafts and construction! Many hobby and craft stores sell inexpensive wood panels of the perfect size to make a reversible front door welcome sign that speaks to the fall and winter season (and of course you can also make spring and summer versions, too!)


reversible DIY front door seasonal welcome signs

8. Tin Can DIY Luminaries – You really will light up the neighborhood when you put these tin can luminaries out on your back deck, in your window sills, on your front porch and along your walkway. Instead of throwing away or recycling, you can repurpose these containers with a tin punch and some paint.


DIY tin can luminaries


9. DIY Home Maintenance Planner – This might not seem quite as exciting as the creative DIY fall and winter projects listed above, but it’s just as important. PrudentReview.com offers a PDF or (even better) a customizable spreadsheet so that you can stay on top of home maintenance that should be done monthly, quarterly, seasonally, semi-annually and annually.

10. DIY Rain Chain – Rain chains are very on trend right now. They give you a great option for beautifying the outside of your home (front or back – or both!) with the added bonus that, depending on the materials you use, you’re essentially creating your own water feature, too! We loved this terra cotta pot and stone rain chain by allthingsheartandhome.com.

11. DIY Rain Chain Succulent Planter – If you loved that, you’ll really love this. A DIY rain chain planter that is perfect for succulents. Or go bigger with containers and plants or flowers for a truly stunning outdoor or indoor planter.

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