20 DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Leave up Until December

DIY Halloween decorating ideas that you can leave up through Thanksgiving, taking you right up to the Christmas holiday decorating season.

Leave all these 20 DIY Halloween decorations up until you’re ready to decorate for the holidays.

Some people love changing up their home’s seasonal décor, others would like to play along but the idea of changing decorations every few weeks is just too often. The good news is that regardless of where you fall when it comes to seasonal home decorating enthusiasm, these 20 DIY Halloween decorating ideas can take you right up to the Christmas holiday season.

DIY Halloween decorations with found items

1-4 DIY Halloween Decorations – Found Items 

Found items can be transformed into beautiful DIY Halloween decorations. For under $20, the pumpkins you put on your porch for Halloween can be spray-painted and glitzed up for indoor or outdoor display. Artificial berry swags or fresh or artificial hydrangea blossoms in harvest colors can be topped with a bow and used to adorn your front door (or any door) or be used as a tabletop decoration with a large candle in the middle. Pine cones from your yard or a nearby park along with LED light strings and simple glass cylinders (which you may be able to find for as little as $1 at your local dollar store) bring nature inside for the season.

DIY Halloween decorations with wine bottles2-8 DIY Halloween Decorations – Wine Bottles 

Depending on your taste for wine or other glass-bottled beverages, these could also be found items that you transform. Spray paint in champagne matte gold then glue-dip in your favorite sparkly glitter or confetti. Wrap in rope-like string and adorn with made paper or fabric flowers. Spray paint in a harvest orange and wrap with a few artificial leaves. Spray paint in a black and glue paper or thin fabric leaves onto the bottle.

DIY Halloween decorations for the front porch

9-12 DIY Halloween Decorations – Front Porch 

We’ve already seen some DIY Halloween wreath examples that could take your front porch through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Here are four more front porch transformations that are just as apropos for both holidays. The great thing is that the same decorations you use to welcome Trick-or-Treaters for Halloween can be used to welcome your guests for Thanksgiving dinner.

DIY Halloween decorations for the tabletop

13-16 DIY Halloween Decorations – Tabletop 

From the dining table to the cocktail table, kitchen island or mantle, these Halloween decorations will take your interior decor right on through until it’s time to decorate for Christmas. We’re especially loving the cream and white-painted pumpkins in these displays. They feel modern, industrial, farmhouse and chic for nearly every type of interior design. Their paleness also lends well to Halloween as they could easily be hiding googly eyes on one side or feel ghost-like when trick-or-treaters come to call.

Spray painted DIY Halloween decorations

17-20 DIY Halloween Decorations – Spray Paint and Go 

Spray paint and craft paint are the DIY decorators best friend. A little paint enables you to transform any old glass container, wine bottle, pumpkin or wine bottle cork into something new to adding a few embellishments to finish the effect. Since a can of spray paint goes a long way, you can also save it for future projects or work with neighbors to share costs on favorite projects. And once again, we see how found or surplus items like used glass bottles, unneeded wine glasses, a pumpkin and used corks can be repurposed and upcycled into fantastic holiday decor.

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