10 Tools Every New Homeowner Needs

As you move into your new home, there will be a lot of installing that needs to occur. You’ll want to install shelving in your garage, put together different pieces of furniture and hang your TV mount on the wall. In the craze of moving into your new home, the last thing you want is to stress about not having the tools you need to complete your move in. Here are 10 tools every new homeowner should have.


Basic claw hammers and pin hammers are both useful in life. The size of the hammer should correspond with the size of the nail. Claw hammers are great for woodworking, as nails tend to be larger in those projects. Pin hammers are ideal for hammering tacks into walls.

Extension cord

Think about the times of the day when light is very good in a certain part of your home so you want to work on a project in that area. Plug in the extension cord in one room and continue to work in the other lit room.

Surge protector

Partnering with the extension cord, think about all the electronics you have in your media room and in your tech area by the front door. You will no longer have to compromise what can be charging when. You can have all your electronics plugged in at one place.

Tape measure

A retractable tape measure is an extremely useful tool with a plethora of uses. Make sure to get one at least 25’ long so you are able to measure room square footage if need be. Tape measures come in handy when you want to hang art work or install blinds.

Box cutter

Great for opening the shipments you receive. Also useful for cutting materials such as cardboard, leather or other bulky material. Make sure to buy a retractable box cutter as it can be dangerous with the blade out when you are not using it.

Step stool

Helpful when you are down to the last drop of olive oil so you need to get your refill bottle which is all the way in the back of your cupboard. Also useful when hanging artwork above eye level in your home.


When the batteries die in your clock you’ll need a screwdriver to take off the material to get to the batteries. Make sure you have a variety of screw driver heads as different projects call for different types. A screwdriver with interchangeable heads is a great option if you have limited space.


Yes, even though you’ve never needed it in the past, you need at least one in your home for obvious reasons. You never know what your kids will flush down the toilet.

Safety gear

It’s important while working with sharp tools that you are taking steps to protect your safety. Goggles are handy when you are sawing as you don’t want splinters in your eyes. Ear plug are also good to have since some tools are very loud and could impair your hearing.

A variety of screws and nails

You really never know what you’ll need these for. Imagine you want to build a shelf in your home that hold photos. You’ll need nails to connect the wood frame as well as to secure to your wall. It’s nice to have a box organized by size/type so it’s easier for you in the future.


Moving in to a new home is exciting and fun for a homeowner. Just make sure you have these supplies so your move in will continue to be fun and you don’t have to take an unexpected trip to Home Depot or Lowes to complete your installations.