Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Consider New Construction Homes in Pierce County

The signs that it’s time for you to consider new construction homes in Pierce County could be all around you. If any of these top ten reasons your Pierce County address needs to change, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

10 Problems New Construction Homes in Pierce County Can Solve

1. You just read the data on Seattle median home prices.

Not only is median home price in Seattle and the Eastside high, it’s high and climbing. Seattle has now topped the list when it comes to home-price-growth for 10 months straight. The number of people moving to the greater Seattle-Bellevue area, thanks to our wonderful climate, cultural diversity, music, arts and JOBS has never been more impactful to the local real estate market as it is right now. Many people who want to live in or near Seattle and Bellevue are opting for Pierce County new construction homes where they can get more home for their money, and put a little distance between their homes and these fast-paced urban centers.

2. For the last 5 years you’ve called your current house “our starter home.”

A starter home is meant to be just that, usually because starter homes lack the size, location, features and other amenities that home buyers want in forever homes. Our Pierce County new construction homes in Gig Harbor or Chinook Meadows near Bonney Lake could be the perfect move-up home if this sounds like you.

3. For the last 5 years your kids have called your current house “our starter home.”

Now it’s getting to the point of embarrassing, right? You always planned to move to a new house after you started having kids but it never happened. Your kids could just be trying to give you a gentle nudge toward a larger home where everyone has room to grow.

4. Even if you and all your neighbors took down their backyard fences they couldn’t create a communal park.

Inner city and urban area developments aren’t usually known for lot size. Our Gig Harbor new construction homes in Pierce County at Trinity Ridge have over-sized lots and beautiful covered outdoor living spaces so kids and pets have space to play and you have space to enjoy the great outdoors.

5. You can recite the names and birthdays of everyone in the family… of your 2 closest neighbors.

No one should know their neighbors that well. If thin, shared walls have made you overly-aware of what’s going on next door, it could be a sign that it’s time for you to move.

6. Your closest neighbors invited you over to meet a few of their closest realtor friends.

Ouch. Sometimes the neighborhood you’re in isn’t really the right neighborhood for you. Hopefully you don’t have neighbors who would drop hints like this, but if you do, new construction homes in Pierce County could put you into the right neighborhood.

7. The last train that went by just sent the last of your great grandmother’s china crashing off the shelf.

There are many reasons that people choose to live near train tracks, shooting ranges, lumber yards and other loud spaces, but we can’t for the life of us figure out what they are. If peace and quiet and an escape away from it all are what you’re looking for, our affordable new construction homes at the Meadows at Orting or estate-sized lots with acreage at Voight Creek Ranch could be ideal for you.

8. It’s going to be another 25 years before your home’s style comes back around.

They say that fashion always comes back around but you might even be hoping your current home’s style never does. If it’s been a while since you toured a new construction home, we invite you to come out to any of our model homes in Pierce County to see what you’ve been missing.

9. Your customers have nowhere to park.

If you started (or you want to start) a home-based business and will need to hold meetings at home, you’ll need a dedicated office space and enough driveway or street parking to accommodate customers, prospects and maybe even employees. A new home with a dedicated home office could be the boost that your home-based business needs to thrive.

10. There’s a 10 year age and technology gap between you and the rest of the neighborhood.

Whether you’re way older or way younger than the rest of the neighborhood, it might not feel like a good fit. If you’re the only one on the block with young kids or the only one whose kids have all emptied your nest, moving to a new home could also bring you to a new neighborhood where you’ll find friends that you have more in common with.