7 Items You’ll Find Useful From Garage Sales

Summer is here which means so are garage sales! As the weather warms up, you’ll see your neighbors starting to bring out their tables and folding chairs in an order to sell some of their collected items they no longer want or need. Garage sales can be overwhelming, and you won’t want to buy 99.9% of the stuff you see for sale, but there are a few things that you should keep your eyes peeled for. Here are 7 items you’ll find useful from garage sales.

Utility supplies

A lot of times people who host garage sales are moving or have just moved. In either case, they will have supplies that they need to get rid of in an effort to save space. When your neighbors sell duct tape, paper, scissors, etc. jump on that find! These things are all items you use anyway, why not get them at a lower price! Many times the seller will be very generous with their deals and you can save big bucks on these utility finds, normally costly at the store.

Wall Décor

Often times garage sellers will revamp the décor in their home, and will want to get rid of their old décor pieces. So if the theme in your home is wine themed, keep an eye out for wine inspired décor. A lot of times, individual pieces of décor can cost hundreds of dollars, so find what you can at the garage sales! Another nice thing about décor, is that it’s often untouched. If a painting has been hanging on the wall for year, it’s likely in relatively good shape. For more insight on decorating tips, see 8 Home Decorating Tips for Non-Professional-Decorators.

Cabinets, carts

Remember, cabinets and carts can always be painted. Sometimes it’s hard to envision buying a rolling cart that’s black when you entire interior paint scheme is white. Look for the shape, not so much the color. Carts are great pieces in pantries, bathrooms, entryways and offices. In the pantry it can hold your baking goods, in the bathroom your hair products/face products, in the entryway some nice vases, and in your office it can serve as a rollaway desk that your computer and printer can sit on. Just remember, the color can be altered.

Sporting Goods

Garage sales are great places to stock up on baseball mitts, baseballs, basketballs and more! If your office is preparing for a summer softball tournament and you’re in charge of gathering the supplies, check a garage sale first! At most sales, you can find mitts originally priced around $50 for under $5 each. Then you can keep the supplies around for next year’s tournament. Garage sales are also great places to find water equipment. Pool noodles, life jackets, and inner tubes are frequent finds at garage sales. Perfect for the beginning of summer.


Are you an avid collector of a certain item? Perhaps mugs, corks, or Coke glasses? Well you’re in luck! Many folks were also collectors at one time but may have moved on from their collection. You may be able to find full sets of collectables just from one house. Or, if you know someone who collects a certain item, check garage sales first to see if you get lucky with a set of collectibles to give as a gift.

Craft Supplies

Garage sales are great places to find stencils, old coloring books, markers, and more. If you’re a teacher who needs more supplies for craft time at school, you may be inspired by items you find at garage sales. For example, say you find an origami paper set with an attached guidebook. You can spend a craft day learning how to create an origami crane. Or if you find shaped hole punchers, you can spend a day with your students making cards with shapes on them. Even if you aren’t a teacher, garage sales are great for exploring your creative side.

Bonus room furniture

Bonus room furniture doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, as a homeowner, you’re probably looking for second hand furniture since it won’t really be on display. Often times when people change out their furniture, they try to sell at garage sales before taking it directly to the Goodwill. In the seller’s mind, it’s better to get something rather than nothing. The bonus room is also a room that gathers furniture of different styles. So if you’re simply looking for furniture that serves a purpose in your bonus room, see what you can find at a garage sale.