Make a Grand Entrance – Or Make Your Entrance Grand!

If you’re looking for a new home with a grand entrance, one of the things you’ll notice about our new homes throughout the Puget Sound area is that most floor plans allow define a distinct entry way into the home.  We want our home owners to have true pride of ownership, so we go the extra mile in planning traffic patterns, space and extra details – even – and maybe especially – in the entryways of our homes.

Except for your home’s exterior, the entry door and entry area of your home is the first moment that your guests get an idea of your home’s occupants and their tastes and life style. From décor to the manner in which you welcome guests to your new home, you have the ability to set yourself apart and create a uniquely enjoyable experience for the loved ones, friends and acquaintances who are privileged enough to come to your house!

One of the most fun aspects of buying a new home is deciding how to decorate your home, and that includes the portal into your home.
If you have decorated an entry area in your previous home or apartment, you may already have an idea of how you want to decorate your home’s entry. If not, or if you are ready for a change, you might be looking for some fresh ideas for ways to welcome guests to your new house.

We’re here for you!

A couple of weeks ago we went out to Pinterest and found 12 ways you can delight your guests with unexpected color when it comes to ideas for decorating your new home. Pinterest is a great resource for visual inspiration, but we also love The images below (credits at the bottom) reveal some great – and unexpected – ways for you to get creative in decorating the entry way of your home.

7 Ways to Make a Signature Statement in Your Entrance

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When it comes to making a grand entrance, or making your entryway grand, here are 7 great ideas for decorating the entry area of your home:

1. Form and function.

The oversized chair – or love seat – with it’s high back makes a perfect place to stop to put on or take off shoes. It also turns the entry way of your home into yet another room, as it provides a great place to read or work on the computer. The art above becomes the focal point, while the lamp provides for a welcome glow to welcome your guests, read by, or tell people that you’re home.

2. Function over form.

If your home houses kids, grandkids or frequent in and out visitors, entry way furniture that is both beautiful and practical could be a great choice for your entry.

3. Country charm.

If your style tends toward shabby chic, an antique drop leaf table adorned with a bouquet and backed by a big, light-doubling mirror could be a great statement for decorating the entry way of your home.

4. A burst of color.

The entry shown here with the beautiful turquoise panels welcomes guests with a burst of blue and also shows off the home owners culture or travels.

5. Eclectic energy.

In the lower left, you’ll see not only color but eclectic color and belongings. This home owner has created a multi-functional and interesting entrance that will welcome guests to their home.

6. Absence of color.

Or perhaps better stated, nearly monochromatic – this entry in the lower center panel aptly demonstrates the use of metallics in a nearly monochromatic palette, which is nevertheless dramatic in itw own way. Note the use of inexpensive up lights to put the spotlight on your artwork!.

7. Comfort.

The final panel demonstrates again how easy it would be to choose one or two unusually-shaped or sized pieces and create the perfect grouping to decorate your home’s entrance – one that serves function as well as beauty.

We hope that this has given you some entry way decorating ideas – when it comes to how to decorate your home, there are always unlimited possibilities for every room in your house!


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