Top 10 Superstitions for New Home Buyers and New Home Owners

Have you ever spilled salt then quickly tossed a pinch-full of salt over your shoulder? Have you ever gone out of your way to avoid walking under a ladder?  Have you ever picked up a penny found on the sidewalk?

When it comes to good luck, most of us want all of the good luck we can get, even if we aren’t particularly superstitious.  We thought it might be interesting to create a list of superstitions that new home buyers should beware of (or seek after) in order to create the best of luck for themselves after they move into their new home.

Top 10 Superstitions for New Home Buyers and New Home Owners from Around the World

1. Don’t move an old broom into a new house, you’ll be bringing all of your former bad luck along with you. (United States)

2.  In Hungary, the superstitious believe that single women shouldn’t sit with a table corner pointing at her, as it means she will never wed.

3.  In Spain, leaving the windows of your bedroom open on November 1st is sure to bring bad luck, as the superstitious believe that the dead run free on that day.

4.  Do you want to become rich or find money?  A Japanese superstition advises that you should put a piece of snakeskin into your wallet.

5.  In West Africa, the superstitious say never sweep your home at night, you’ll brush away wealth.

6.  All the single ladies, all the single ladies, watch out while in Mexico, where one superstition says that you won’t marry if someone sweeping the floor brushes your shoes.

7.  Getting married before moving into your new home?  Better hope for rain!  A Russian superstition says that wealth will follow if it rains on your wedding.

8.  Some creepers are better than others; if black ants frequent your home, the owner will be rich. (Phillippines)

9.  This Romanian superstition tells you how to achieve familial harmony!  Eating all the corners of your bread will mean that you’ll have a good relationship with your mother-in-law.

10.  And last but certainly not least, for goodness sake, girls, don’t wash you hair on a Saturday!  Indonesian superstition says that if you’re not married and you wash your hair on a Saturday, you’ll marry someone that’s hard to please!

These 10 Superstitions courtesy of
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