Top 10 Things to Remember on Moving Day

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Moving into a new home is exhausting; you will have thousands of details on your mind, from whether the movers will show up on time at your new house, to how and when your utilities will be connected and so much more.

top 10 moving day tipsWhether you are looking at houses for sale in south King County, Pierce County, Thurston County – or anywhere in western Washington for that matter – we thought it might be helpful for you to have a checklist of our top 10 things to bring to your new home when moving day arrives.

Top 10 Things to Bring Along on Moving Day

1. Toilet paper. Kind of embarrassing to start a top 10 list out with an item like toilet paper, but not nearly as embarrassing as it would be to be in your beautiful new house without it!

2. A fully-charged smartphone. Once you arrive at your new home you’re going to realize that you forgot something or want to order a pizza or need to order up your cable TV, internet or satellite service.

3. A flashlight. Sure, the electricity is already on, but those overhead lights aren’t going to be much use when you’re working to make connections behind your family room electronics or computer.

4. Batteries. When you move in to your new house, the last thing you want to do is spend your first night as a new home owner listening to the sound of a smoke detector whose battery is running out of juice. And you don’t want to hook up your electronics only to find that you can’t use them because their batteries are dead. Bring AA and AAA batteries along and you won’t have to worry about either!

5. Water – or at least some drinking glasses. People moving into new homes aren’t always prepared, especially if they move in on an especially warm weekend. To avoid dehydration, you’ll need to drink plenty of water while doing all the physical work that will be required to move into your new home, hook up your electronics and appliances, hang window treatments, etc.

6. Window treatments. And that brings us to a great topic; your new home might have a ground floor powder room with a window or bedroom windows facing where other people can see in. And you don’t want to get caught with your pants down, literally! Bring window treatments and hardware for the windows where you need privacy or want to block the morning light.

7. A hammer. And a screwdriver. And nails. (Ok, maybe you should bring the whole tool box).

8. Cleaning supplies. Don’t get me wrong – when you move into one of our new homes it will be clean. Your granite counters will be shining, wood flooring swept, carpets vacuumed and bathrooms ready to rock and roll; however, all that will change quickly as you and your movers make trip after trip from moving van into your new home. Bring along paper towels, sponges and surface cleaners and unpack your cleaning tools (broom and dustpan, swiffer, vacuum, etc.) early on.

9. Music. There’s just something about having some good tunes playing that makes work seem less like work. Bring along a radio (battery operated if your power isn’t hooked up yet) so that you and your friends have music to lighten the load and some way to catch the local news or listen to the Seahawks or Mariners.

10. A blanket. If you’ve arrived ahead of your furniture, you may want something soft to sit on while you wait or a place to spread out and picnic in or out of doors.

If you’ve recently become or about to become a homeowner, congratulations! When moving day arrives, be sure that you’re ready and remember to bring along these top 10 things to bring to your new home to make the job of moving in easier.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]