The Benefits of Quick Delivery Homes

Mother and young son moving boxes into their quick delivery home

You’ve decided to move – the only problem? You need a new home…fast! That’s when a quick-delivery home (QDH) might be perfect for you. As the name implies, a quick delivery home gives the homebuyer all the benefits of a new construction home without the wait. You may also hear these homes referred to as…

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New Construction vs Resale

Image of a hand holding a key with a charm that says “sold” in front of a brand new home.

Buying a home is a big life decision, with a lot of considerations. What’s your budget? Where do you want to buy a home? What neighborhood will be best for your family? Do you want to buy a newly-built home or a resale home? This last question was asked in the latest “What Home Buyers…

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Top 3 Benefits of a Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle

Image of a family enjoying a lock-and-leave lifestyle: walking away from their home with luggage, ready for their next adventure.

Homebuyers want a home that reflects their lifestyle. Whether you’re an active retiree or a busy parent on the go, the lock-and-leave lifestyle may be very appealing to you. This recent trend in the housing market is exactly what you would expect from the name: homeowners can exercise the freedom of locking up their homes…

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5 Great Benefits of Working from Home

A happy woman working in her home office in western Washington.

Although the concept of working from home is not a new one; it’s definitely a trend that has increased significantly over the past few years. According to a Pew Research Center study, before the COVID -19 pandemic, only 20% of people who could work from home were actually working remotely. The global shutdowns as a…

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Hidden Wonders of Washington

Breathtaking views of landmarks in Western Washington

Western Washington is an outdoor paradise. From expansive shorelines to the tallest mountain peaks, your eyes won’t know which scenic view to take in first. The smell of the sea mixing with cedar and pine trees will have you wanting to bottle it up into the perfect candle. And the food… salmon, clams, and crab.…

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Турниры на официальном сайте казино онлайн Вавада KZ

Как по поводу того, чтобы начать играть среди более чем сотен игр в Вавада Казахстан? Вавада КЗ — это универсальное виртуальное азартное место, которое убирает глупые функции, чтобы вместо этого сосредоточиться на наиболее крутых играх. Кроме хорошего выбора разных вендеров от необычного количества игровых операторов, здесь также предлагается live казино и важный бонус для новых…

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