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Whether you're buying or selling a home, our goal at Soundbuilt Homes is to make your journey as smooth as possible. Therefore, we've included some common topics and questions from many buyers and sellers. Enjoy, and have an amazing day!

Make a Grand Entrance – Or Make Your Entrance Grand!

May 5, 2015

If you’re looking for a new home with a grand entrance, one of the things you’ll notice about our new homes throughout the Puget Sound area is that most floor plans allow define a distinct entry way into the home.  We want our home owners to have true pride of ownership, so we go the extra…

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To Paint or Not to Paint, That is the Question!

May 5, 2015

Are you on the fence when it comes to deciding whether or not you should or should not paint the walls of your home? It might seem like a silly question; after all, what’s the big deal about painting your interior walls? It’s more than just choosing what color to paint, you’ll also want to…

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Turquoise, Teal and Aqua New Home Decorating Color Inspiration

Mar 4, 2015

Ready to decorate your new home? Turquoise, teal or aqua, no matter what name you use when you refer to your favorite blue-green shade in hues from light to dark, this popular trend color never seems to go out of style. Nejlepší barvy pro výzdobu kasina. Při sestavování tematické party kasina by měly být v…

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Choose a Paint Color for Your Walls from the Ultimate Color Display

Sep 5, 2014

Many people love color, but live with plain white or tan walls for many years for one simple, easy-to-overcome reason: fear. When they need to choose a paint color, they often fall back on “safe” choices. The fear that you’ll choose a paint color that’s “wrong” and having to live with walls in the bedroom,…

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A 10-Point DIY Fall Home Maintenance Checklist for Home Owners

Aug 5, 2014

You could wait until cooler weather to run through your end of summer or fall home maintenance checklist, but the last thing you want is cold weather to set in before you have a chance to do needed home maintenance or repairs. For that reason, we are calling this a back to school home maintenance…

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Want to Feel Good About Yourself? Buy a New House!

Feb 4, 2014

Forget going to the salon or the spa, seeing a life coach or even eating dark chocolate. If you want to feel better about yourself, buy a new house! 5 Reasons Buying a New Home Makes You Feel Good About Yourself 1. When you buy a new house, you’re helping your local public schools. Adding…

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Earthquakes, Storms and Tsunamis – Oh MY! Infographic, resources for earthquake prep for home owners

Oct 29, 2013

With all eyes on the big storm pummeling the east coast today, you might not have realized that disaster planning has been a hot topic here in the Seattle-Tacoma area this month.  It should provide some peace of mind for Puget Sound residents when they realize that local national, state, county and city departments practice…

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5 Spook-tacular Halloween Party Ideas for the Perfect Monster Bash

Oct 15, 2013

If you’re one of the many who will be throwing a Halloween party this year, we’ve got some spook-tacular ideas that can help. Without a doubt, one of the reasons for the popularity of Halloween is the excuse that it gives people of all ages to channel their inner child, and our writers are no…

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6 Spell-Binding, Spooky, Spectacular DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

Oct 12, 2013

You don’t live in King county or Pierce county for very long without realizing that Pacific Northwest home owners go all out when it comes to decorating – not just for Christmas and New Year’s, but for Halloween, as well. In fact, in some south Puget Sound area neighborhoods, you’ll find home owners going further…

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5 Ways to Make the Home Buying Process Better, Faster and More Fun

Dec 7, 2012

The new home buying process can feel like a roller coaster ride.  Feeling high one minute, experiencing a rush the next, at a low point if things start going sideways or maybe even completely upside down. Soundbuilt Homes and our preferred lenders, Guild Mortgage Company (Michael Fornerette) and OnQ Financial/The James Group, all share one…

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